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Today’s Items:

Russian and Chinese Military Forces on Syrian Soil

Obama, wanting to start another war to save his dictatorship err… presidency, is now faced with a big headache. Russia, China, Iran and Syria will be conducting the “Middle East’s largest ever military exercise” next month.  Since Syria may be potentially off Obama’s re-election invasion hit list, unreliable sources claim that Obama will invade the evil empire of Kenya.

European Leaders Pledge more Integrated Banking System

As the G20 summit continues, we are finding out that…
1. G20 leaders are pledging a method to control the world banking system by integrating it.
2. EU President Jose Barroso is frustrated that many do not understand that it takes time to find a way for euro-zone nations to kick the can down the road.
3. Obama is concerned that Europe’s debt crisis could further deteriorate his chances at re-election.

Control-P Equal Inflation

Sugar Daddy Bernanke, citing the EU debt crisis, is going to magically print up another $267 billion out of fat air through 2012.  But you need not worry about the price of gold and silver going up, the usual players are there with their naked paper shorts.

Will Congress Aggravate Silver Manipulation?

In 2008, the CFTC began their fraudulent investigation into silver manipulation.  Today, they are still stalling err… investigating.  In Fiscal 2012, the CFTC had a budget of $205 billion and has requested $305 in 2013.  Congress wants to cut their budget to $180 billion; so that, JP Morgan, and others, most likely will increase their bribes to CFTC members; so that, position limits on silver never see the light of day.

10 Countries Drowning In Government Debt

Here are the top ten countries debt to GDP percentage.

10. France at 86.3%
9.  Belgium at 98.5%
8. Iceland at 98.2%
7. Singapore at 100.8%
6. United States at 102.9%
5. Ireland at 104.95%
4. Portugal at 106.8%
3. Italy at 120.1%
2. Greece at 160.8%
1. Japan at 229.8%

19 Reasons Why It Is Time To Start Freaking Out About The Global Economy

Here are a few…
1. Unemployment in the euro-zone as a whole has hit a brand new all-time record high.
2. Both Italy and Spain are going to need major bailouts.
3. Exports from the U.S. to Europe have dropped 4.8 percent.
4. Government debt levels all over the industrialized world have exploded in recent years.
5. Obama is searching for an economic strategy while playing 100 rounds of gulf.

How Long Till Obama Throws Eric Holder Under The Bus?

Obama is serious trouble; in regards to the election, and Eric Holder is a political liability.  Everyone knows that Eric Holder is not telling the truth about Fast and Furious.  If he is not gone within 30 days, then one can presumably believe that Holder has evidence that Obama had direct knowledge of the illegal operation.  With Obama’s 11th hour assertion of executive privilege over Fast and Furious documents, he supposedly never saw, will this be called Murdergate?  Just remember….   “The only people who do not want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.”

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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  1. You leff out the continuing suppression of alternative energy, bushw canceled solar programs, clinton and bushw, presided over “who killed the electric car” and texaco bought from GM and has burried the NIMH “Large Format ” 15 minute (yes 15 minute ) recharge battery, that toyota says can last indefinitely if managed correctely, I.E. Toyota Rav4 EV’s are still on the road with original NIMH LF batteries. since 1998. wowo!!!!!!!!! no wonder texaco wanted to suppress it… ENERGY DRIVES ALL OTHER PROCES UP ! and is BANKRUPTING THE USA ! !

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