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Today’s Items:

We Are Within Months of This Crisis Blowing Wide Open

Many are coming to the inescapable conclusion that the euro is on its last legs.  People, who see this and understand it, are moving into gold and silver.   From bank runs to holidays, the economic rot is hitting the core.  The core is Germany and ultimately the U.S.; therefore, get ready.

Jobless Claims on the Rise

The number of Americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits climbed last week to 386,000.  That additional 11,000 was unexpected.  They keep using that word.  I don’t think it means what they think it means.  Nearly 3.3 million people filed for their second week of unemployment benefits.  Of course, officials are using the Euro-zone crisis as a scapegoat to deflect blame.

U.S. Foreclosures Up

U.S. robo-signing foreclosure starts rose year-over-year in May for the first time in 27 months.  The $25 billion settlement between major banks and states in April is now a thing of the past as banks began the foreclosure process on 205,990 properties in May, a 9.1 percent increase from April.

Physical Silver Demand Heading Higher

Even though the manipulated price of silver has been in the proverbial basement, demand has been going up. Yearly silver production, from mines, and recycling is about 1 billion ounces; however, demand is only a hundred million less.  With events in the Euro-zone, the Mideast, the far east and here in the U.S., demand for silver will escalate because it is increasingly viewed as a monetary money.  To that end, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act

Senator Rand Paul has introduced a bill that would prevent unwarranted government intrusion, by drones, on Americans. S. 3287 would require the government to obtain a warrant to use drones with the exception of patrolling national borders.  With that said, do not expect any other senators, on both sides of the isle, to support freedom or the U.S. Constitution.

Event at Grocery Store

Please read this little story about what happens when a glitch hits a local grocery store.  See how the people react when they cannot pay for their food.  See how they react when the only ATM, after a few withdrawals, goes down. When reading this story, imagine, not just one store, but entire cities. Exciting would not be a word to describe what happens.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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