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Today’s Items:

Italy May Have Two Weeks Tops

Italy already is where Spain may be heading.  The relatively good news is that Italy has avoided the real estate bubble capable of bring down the banking system.  With that said, with Italy heating up, expect more money to be transferred to so-called safe havens like the U.S. Dollar.

More Rich Chinese Buy US Property

According to a report published by the National Association of Realtors, China and Hong Kong are the second largest group of foreign buyers of homes in the U.S. With so many vacant cities in China, one can easily guess why they are bringing their money over here. The 23 percent, or $7.3 billion, increase may be because they want hard assets when financial crash of currencies, hit.

US Could Outproduce Russia, Saudi Arabia in Oil and Gas

The U.S. is seeing a dramatic surge in oil and gas production and could overtake the world’s biggest producers, Russia and Saudi Arabia, in another decade.  Of course, there is one little problem.  The last refinery built was in 1977, and even with the upgrades to existing refineries, the U.S. still needs to ship the oil elsewhere to be refined.  Also, keep in mind; this isn’t because of government policies. It’s despite them.

Best U.S. Senate Banking Committee Money Can Buy

Members of the U.S. Senate Banking committee, that are investigating JP Morgan, have received $877,798 in bribes err. contributions from JP Morgan.  So, will these paid off Senators forgive Jamie Dimon when he said he was sorry.

Those Who See Will Survive The Coming Monetary System Collapse

The vast majority of people are asleep and blind to the reality of what is going on around them.  Hardly anyone sees the brick wall the entire western world is headed for at breakneck speeds.  When the US dollar and, with it, many nation states collapses, many people will be in shock. How much time is left?  It is better to be prepared over a year before the collapse happens, as opposed, to one minute after. There’s never been a more important time to have your eyes open.

Killing Grandma Is Cool?

In a growing chorus of perversion, many “intellectual elite”, via the press, believe that most elderly people should not have the same access to medical technologies as young healthy people.  They even go so far as to want to deny lifesaving medical treatments for children with special needs. In fact, these bastards are trying to glorify pulling the plug on grandma.  What’s next? Take grandma out into the field and shoot her if she broke her hip?

Internet Bill of Rights

In some good news, a bill is being introduced in the U.S. Senate, by two Senators who were critical to the defeat of SOPA; so that, digital citizens will have the right to a free uncensored internet.  Of course, expect an array of excuses from Obama, and his cabal, to kill this great legislation.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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