Dinosaur CNN Nightmare

News Flash:

CNN, which started in the 1980’s, had its worst month in May in over 20 years.  The only reason people flock to CNN, presently, is because of CNN’s expensive network of overseas bureaus.

One of the reasons why this government mouthpiece is losing viewers is the inability to stop sucking up to the political and business elite.  Another reason, is the fact that this organization is unable to get out and meet the people and report what people really need; thus, more and more people are turning to the internet.  For example, what kind of criteria does it take for CNN to consider covering Ron Paul?  When Jon Stewart was able to lampoon the fact that the media establishment was completely, and deliberately, ignoring Ron Paul, it is very sick.  The news media elite executives should really wipe their mouths after giving their political and business leaders multiple BJ’s.

At this point, CNN, along with other government mouthpieces like Fox News, may as well just shut down because of their inability to do their advertised job.


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