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Today’s Items:

IMF Inches Toward Deal on Boosting Bailout Funds

The International Monetary Fund appeared close to sealing a $77 billion deal with Japan, Sweden, and Denmark to contain the EU debt crisis. $77 billion dollars?  Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?  Apple is worth $600 billion.  This just to go that they are loosing it folks.  What’s next? A 100 Trillion dollar deal with Zimbabwe?

Europe Central Banks May Be Forced to Print More Money

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!  Things are getting desperate in Europe; in that, Central Banks, that do not want to counterfeit… err print money, may be forced to increase the speed of their printing press.  The European Central Bank has already injected over 1 trillion euros and it may not be long before it is forced to increase that amount.

Is This The Canary Of Australia’s Collapsing Housing Coalmine?

If anyone is desperately looking for how things may be about to go in Australia, then they need look no further than China’s economic hard landing. Added to that, is the fact that the insurance company Genworth Financial has cited deteriorating market conditions in the Aussie mortgage market for closing its Australian unit.

Manipulation Against the Primary Trend is Destined to Fail

The longer the Central Banks, like the Fed, hold gold down in the $1650 range, with their raids, the more powerful the upward push in its price will become. Although the Fed is getting what they want for now, having suckers invest into stocks before the election, things will fall apart. The key is not to be in paper when it does; therefore, keep stacking.

IRS Travel Ban

Efforts are being made to pass a bill that would empower the IRS to revoke Passports of U.S. citizens if they owe more than $50,000. In fact, it can be just a claim without any evidence. This of course is violation of the void U.S. Constitution’s right to due process.

What’s the government buying these days?

Corporations, to make a profit, profile consumers on what they buy.  It is how they stay in business in a highly competitive market.  Treat the government like a consumer, and one can build up a profile. This consumer, the U.S. government -specifically the domestic Department of Homeland Insecurity, likes to buy man killing hollow point bullets, hardened checkpoints, and radiation pills.  This consumer is either a militant prepper or something more dangerous… You decide.

Reid Cites Seniors’ Love of Junk Mail

Talk about Washington being out of touch, we now have Senators stating that people love junk mail. Of course the true aim is to support the underfunded postal worker retirements with taxpayer dollars. And when it comes to Harry Reid, can you say quid-pro-quo?

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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