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Iran Increased Oil Exports in January

Despite those embargoes by the U.S. and the EU, Iran has increased its oil exports in January.   Up more than 245,000 barrels per day, or 12 percent.   Yes folks, China and India are benefiting nicely from their new exclusive oil partner.

Gold and Silver

The price of gold has gone below its 200-day moving average of around $1675 to $1685, and it will cause of either concern or jubilation.  Concern for those shorting gold and jubilation for those who are about to profit very nicely in the future.  When it comes to silver, it is way oversold, due to manipulation, and is getting ready for a massive upside swing.  Keep stacking!

Tidal Wave of Muni-Bond Defaults Still Coming

A “tidal wave” of defaults in the municipal bond market is still building and will eventually hit the U.S..  While states, like California are trying to pass legislation to prevent municipalities from declaring bankruptcy, it is happening at an accelerating pace.  Municipal defaults rose to 5.5% per year in 2010 and 2011, from 2.7% in the previous 39 years.

Statehouses at High Risk For Corruption

Indicators from budgets to redistricting, show not one state house received an A in ethics and all 50 state houses have a high risk of being corrupt.  Use the link and find out about your state.  But remember, the state government’s lack of integrity is a reflection of the national level government.

TSA Roundup

Let’s see…  A uniformed TSA screener is busted in a heroin drug raid.  A TSA agent subjected a wheelchair-bound toddler to invasive tests and another has been indicted on federal child porn charges.  Nothing describes the TSA better than a bunch of drugged-up child molesters.  Seriously, we need these brown err… blue shirt bastards protecting our nation’s security?

Ron Paul’s Delegate Strategy May Be Working

Despite being absent from media coverage, a brokered Republican Convention is becoming more of a reality as Ron Paul’s supporters outlast their counterparts.  Ron Paul is focusing on the caucuses and out hustling his rivals at the local, county and state conventions nationwide.  In fact, Ron Paul supporters have become delegates for other candidates who will throw their support for Ron Paul.

You Tube Purge

You Tube is beginning to exercise its purging activities.  It actually took down Russian Today, or RT, then brought it up again.  If the Hyper Report goes down, please bookmark hyperreport.org.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day


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