131018 – Next Six Months?

Today’s Items:

France Exit

Who would have thought that France may actually beat Germany or Greece from exiting the euro.    In fact, we may soon seen the return of the French franc as frustration with the politically exclusively conceived euro mounts.

Chinese Moving Against Dollar

According to John Ing, China and India will take up all of the Western world’s gold production this year.   In addition, Chinese government controlled companies will unload foreign reserves, like U.S. dollars, by large purchases.   With about 24 countries on board, the Chinese are slowly and quietly making their currency convertible.    So, you have China with gold, reduced U.S. dollar reserves, and a convertible currency which means that the U.S. dollar is toast.

NSA Helps Kill American Business

Because of the close relationship between the NSA and IBM, China has essentially given IBM the bird; in regards, to hardware sales in China.    China has enough problems without buying some piece of compromised hardware by an IBM-NSA alliance.

Brazil To Block NSA

The NSA revelations, by Snowden, are another public relations smear against the U.S. Military complex.    So, while Americans are underwhelmed with the NSA revelations, governments, like Brazil, are taking action.    The government of Brazil is implementing mechanisms to keep the U.S., and its so-called allies, from eavesdropping on email and other official communications.

Chase Goes Cyprus

Not only is Chase Bank banning international wire transfers, they have also placed a limit on the amount of cash withdrawals as they implement capital controls on their depositor’s money.    Chase would not be implementing a business killing strategy like this unless all other major banks were also planning to follow suit.

Next Six Months

Well, it did not take long for Obama to blame any slowed economic activity on the “fictional” government shutdown.     In fact, the douche-bag actually stated if anything goes wrong in the next six months, to blame his enemies and not him.    With that, you just know something staged will be going down within the next few months; therefore, be ready.

Pandemic Flu Emergency Broadcast

Could we soon have a Pandemic Flu H7N9 alert?    If Twitter’s allowance for the government to Tweet emergency messages is any indicator, then the answer may be yes.    The Emergency Alert System graphic notice on televisions may be likely designed to delay panic during this possible black swan event.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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