130204 – Government Contracts

Today’s Items:

US Dollar Vulnerable To Loss of Confidence

It has been a long time coming; however, the US dollar is vulnerable to a “loss of confidence” event.    As this debt crisis continues to unfold, it is expected that more people will rush out of paper and into physical assets like gold and silver.    When the loss of confidence does come, central banks will be the first out of the dollar leaving the people with worthless paper.

Burger King Admits Burgers Contain Horse-meat

While Americans were feasting on Red slime from McDonald’s, it appears that our UK counterparts were eating horse meat in their Whoppers.   Oh no!    Not Mr. Ed!    Yes, only after tests revealed measurable levels of horse-meat, did Burger King come clean.    In addition, the company that supplies Burger King with its meat paddies in the UK also makes household brands of burgers.    Burger King abruptly ended its relationship with the company and unreliable sources claim that Burger King will now only use Soylent Green in their burgers.

USDA Pushing Aspartame On Children

Yes folks, the officials at the USDA, the department that has completely sold out to Monsanto, are trying to push new regulations that mandates the use of aspartame, and other dangerous drugs, into the school lunch program.    Pushing aspartame on children is sure to lower academic scores, create behavioral problems and promote chronic disease as those children age.    Another reason for home schooling folks.

Preppers Sites

Go to this link to see 50 Of the best prepper websites and blogs on the internet.   While my own site is not on it, many others that I have discovered, and like, are on this list.

Ways to Prep On A Small Budget

Here are a few…
1. Eat at home more often.
2. Quit smoking.
3. Don’t use credit cards.

Shady DHS Bullet Contract

Well, it appears that the idiots at the Department of Homeland Insecurity are at it again with more bullet purchases.    The DHS appears to be contracted to purchase 200,000 more bullets from a shady company that formed in just the last 60 days.      The number of rounds being purchased is driven by some anticipated need that leads to a bureaucratic decision.   In addition, the circumstances that the DHS paid for the rounds is suspect.    Imagine paying only 21 cents for each  bullet from a Las Vegas company that mysteriously formed in December 2012 that is headquartered in mini-mart parking lot.    In addition, this company also got awarded a contract for concrete barriers and cameras that, with the bullets makes a nice $276,000.   Don’t hold your breath on any official inquiry because this may be a payoff for Senator Harry Reid.

5 Guns to Buy Before a Potential Ban

1. AR-15
2. AK-47
3. Glocks
4. Ruger 10 22 Rifle
5. Seiga 12 Semi-automatic shotgun
Make sure you buy plenty of accessories and magazines.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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