130926 – Political Fakes

Today’s Items:

Syria Rebels Reject

The Obama supported and Al Qaeda lead Syrian rebels have rejected the authority of the opposition Syrian National Coalition and have, instead, are calling for Islamic leadership.    Needless to say, if Syria falls into complete chaos, there will be celebrations at the White House because they may be able to cover up the domestic economic mess.


Eric Sprott believes that Central Banks will eventually lose the battle over the manipulation of gold, and by extension, silver prices.    In addition, he states that the West will regret all of their ponzi err…   financial games err…   policies someday soon.    In addition, while many believe that Central Banks are in control of the situation, the Fed’s recent tapering episode showed that they are losing control over the markets.

Fed Concerned

We are told…  Wink Wink… That the Fed is concerned about suspicious gold trading shortly before the FOMC minutes were released to the public.    This would be believable if the Fed were not owned by big private banks; therefore, the idea of these traders not getting a heads-up is not believable.    Make no mistake, the Fed made it possible for the leak most likely in the same way members of Congress can make out with legalized inside trading.

Silver Case Closed

On the backdrop of newly reveled admissions of LIBOR manipulation, the CFTC concluded that there was no silver price manipulation.    In short, the 4 year silver manipulation case is closed to official investigations.    Don’t look at this as a bad thing, look at this as a way to, after preparing, to keep stacking physical at a lower cost.

Grid Down

More and more, we are hearing of a grid down situation from traditional mainstream sources.    In fact, the U.S., Mexico and Canada plan to simulate the takedown of the grid in mid November.    The most alarming thing about this drill is the trend of suspected false flag events that have corresponded with “drills”.

Top 3 Political Twitter Fakes

At number 3 is the Whitehouse with 37%, or 1.56 million fake Twitter followers.
At number 2 is Joe Biden having 46% fake Twitter followers.
At number 1 is Obama with 53%, or over 19.5 million fake Twitter followers.
So, Obama is not only a total flake, but he is the biggest political Twitter fake.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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