130722 – Government Propaganda

Today’s Items:

North Korea and Cuba

A North Korean ship was stopped, searched, and the crew arrested in Panama when it was found to be carrying radar and missile equipment hidden beneath tons of sugar.     The shipment is the first known delivery to North Korea by the Cubans.

No GM Crop Plan In EU

Because Europeans are more knowledgeable about the dangers of GMO’s than Americans, Monsanto is scrapping plans to win approval to grow new types of GM crops in the EU.    Instead, they will look to grow its conventional seeds business in Europe.

Gold Surprise

According to data released by the Shanghai Gold Exchange, physical delivery on its exchange reached a staggering 1,098 metric tonnes year-to-date as of the end of June.    If the Shanghai data is true, along with the imports into China via Hong Kong, China is buying the equivalent of the annual global gold mine production produced on a monthly basis.

99% Fake

A new book, by Trevor Aaronson, lays bare the disturbingly high level of fabrication of “terrorism cases” by the FBI.    It turns out that only 1% of FBI terrorist cases are real plots while the rest are fake.    In the fake cases, defendants do not have the weapons, or means, to conduct such terrorist acts.    In short, if there is no threat, you can count on the alphabet agencies to make one up for you.

Pentagon Transcription Software

A shadowy research and development agency attached to the Pentagon is paying a computer scientist, Matt Lease of the University of Texas, 300,000 dollars to develop a means of transcribing thousands of telephone conversations into text at once.    So, now we know how the NSA will transcribe the millions of phone calls they record.

10 Prison Grid Facts

Here are a few ways that the police state grip is tightening…
1. Automated license plate scanners that record and track cars.
2. Eye scanners in public schools.
3. Biometric chips in passports.
4. Complaining about tap water makes you a suspected terrorist.

Government Propaganda

On July 2nd, in a quiet move aimed at drawing little attention, the decades-old anti-propaganda law was repealed.   This law prevented the government from delivering propaganda programing to Americans.    No one in their right mind should assume that sacking the anti-propaganda law is being done for the public good.   Move over CNN and MSNBC.   There’s a new propaganda sheriff in town, and his name is Uncle Sam.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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