140227 – CDC Crimes

Today’s Items:

Ukraine-Style Uprising in China

Because of the crackdown on human rights, China may have a Ukraine-style uprising.     Of course, like the Tiananmen Square massacre, the government of China is not afraid to use whatever force is necessary to shut it down.

Economic Road-map

The world is presently divided into two financially warring camps…     The developing markets battling inflation while developed markets battle deflation…   For now.     Everything that is going on in these markets have placed the world on a destructive path towards what can best be termed a “Globalization Trap” and eventually a global fiat currency crisis.

CDC Knew

James Clapper, of the NSA, was not the only one to lie under Congressional oath.    Officials at the CDC also lied under congressional oath about the mercury in vaccines to autism link.     After over 100 Freedom of Information requests, it turns out that these bastards knew, 10 years ago, that the mercury in vaccines was directly linked to autism.      They started phasing out the mercury-laced thermacel in 1999; however, it is still in 60% of vaccines today!

High Risk!

New documents detail how security experts were worried that 35 state health exchange websites were vulnerable to hackers and were rated as “high risk” for security problems BEFORE Obamawreck’s launch.      Officials claim that no successful cyberattacks have taken place…     Or at least publicly.     So, with minimal, or no security, for personal data, we are we supposed to believe that identity thieves suddenly became good Samaritans?     What makes it worse is the fact that the IRS has now released documents ordering people to put their identity at risk or pay a maximum of 2.5% of Adjusted Gross Income or $2,085 – whichever is higher.

Gold price Rigging Fears

Just in case you missed FT’s fact based story on gold rigging that mysteriously disappeared, you have another opportunity to read the entire article at Zerohedge.     After all, it had to be a glitch in their system that caused the removal and not some angry phone call from the Bank of England or some comparable institution.  Right?

Situational Awareness Checklist

Navy Seals use a checklist to determine safe and unsafe areas.     Here are the first 2 of 5 items on that list.
1. Try to guess what individuals around you are thinking or doing.
2. Look for odd behavior or things that seem out of place.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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