120813 – Inflation to be Blamed on Drought?

Today’s Items:

Is China’s Economy Staring Down The Bottomless Pit

Positive, yet very weak, numbers out of China are not pointing to a recovery.   There are more talk, within China, of more stimulus; thus, more inflation.   It may require more stimulus to get growth above 8%; however, it is a question as to whether the government is willing, or able, to stimulate the economy for this to happen.

Agressive Action Over Syria

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen said the U.S., and her allies, will probably impose a “no fly zone” over Syria.   This, like Iraq, will be a prelude to a massive kinetic action that will kill thousands of innocent people in that country.   So, there you have it, both political parties are gearing the U.S. population for war.

The Civil War of 2016

U.S. military officers are being told to plan to fight Americans.   They are using the scenario of the Tea Party as the catalyst; however, anyone with an IQ above their shoe size knows the real enemy.   The idea that the major Banks, and not the American people, have been told to prepare for economic collapse is not a justifiable cause for the people rebel?   Give me a break.

Grocery Bills to Skyrocket as Drought Crushes Crop Production

The Department of Agriculture has cut its projected domestic corn and soy production by 17 and 12 percent respectfully.   Dry weather in Russia has pushed prices up 19 percent.   Costs have been going up for some time now for food prices…   So, will the drought be the real reason for massive cost increases, or be used as a cover for the massive money printing that has been going on around the world?

Obama Pledges All-Out Response to Drought

Just like what he did with jobs, Obama is pledging to focus his attention, like a laser-beam, on the drought.  Obama says his administration is giving farmers and ranchers access to low-interest emergency loans.   Obama says Congress needs to pass a farm bill to ensure a long-term solution while not relaxing on ethanol production targets.   Yes folks, where there is a crisis, there is an opportunity.

People Are Frightened, Money Pouring Into Switzerland & Gold

Keith Barron, responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in the last quarter century, believes that people are scared and a lot of money has been pouring into Switzerland and the Swiss franc because it is viewed as a safe harbor.   He goes on to say that pension funds will move their money into precious metals to protect their investments.   This may be the beginning manic phase of buying physical.

Back-to-School Shoppers in No Mood to Splurge

U.S. Teenagers are not buying the line that the economy is in recovery as their own finances dwindle.  This does not bode well for U.S. retailers hoping for a much needed sales boost.   Back-to-school is the second-biggest selling time of the year for U.S. retailers.   Perhaps, the latest fashion, in keeping with the economy, may be sackcloth.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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