160626- Harry Reid Vs. NRA

Today’s Items:

EU will Crumble

Weather the ensuing chaos was planned or not, the Brexit will likely trigger more referendums and the political EU experiment will crumble to pieces. Having divergent economies using the same currency is doomed to destruction and will ensure chaos. Speaking of chaos…

Prepare For Chaos

Get ready for more stimulus in the U.S. and this time… It will be stimulus on steroids coupled with price controls and martial law when everything stops working. Yes, we are living in interesting times.

Harry Reid Vs. NRA

When Senator Dirty Harry Reid described the NRA, an organization set up to defend the second amendment from the likes of Dirty Harry himself, he stated that the organization doesn’t care about constitutional rights. Hey NRA! How is that endorsement of Dirty Harry working out for you now?

Obama Gross Lies

Based on a Freedom of Information request, it turns out that the Obama administration has lied, yet again, to Congress in reference to the number of crimes that released aliens have committed. Yes, Obama is apparently gleeful about how he has placed people in danger; such as, the illegal alien who raped multiple girls including an 8-year old girl.

China Supercomputer

For the first time, without using microprocessor chips made in the U.S., China has now created the fastest supercomputer in the world. Remember, their computer venture started when Hillary’s Clinton’s husband allowed for the selling of supercomputers to China to be used in China’s missile program. Speaking of computers…

Welcome Mat for Hackers

A 2010 decision to ‘temporarily’ disable State Department security features to accommodate Hillary Clinton’ unauthorized private email server laid out a ‘welcome mat’ for hackers according to an IT official for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Well, Hillary, while you can delegate authority, you cannot delegate responsibility and you need to go to prison.


I will be moving for the next few weeks and will not be able to make any videos until I get set up again. Wish me luck. Thanks.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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