151009 – Financial Recap

Today’s Items:

You Cannot Stop What Is Coming

A collapse is coming… but not as quickly as many had been expecting. We are entering a time where there is going to be massive systemic shock because one financial paradigm system are being replaced by another. To that end, China, Russia, and others are positioning their currencies for the demise of the petrodollar; however, that does not mean their economies will be a financial safe harbor.

Physical Cash

One of the biggest problems for Central Banks is actual physical cash because while there are $10 trillion sitting in bank accounts, there is only $1.36 trillion in physical notes. Because of this, Central Banks and the regulators have declared a War on Cash in an effort to stop people trying to get their money out of the system. Bank deposits are considered liabilities according to U.S. Banking Law. So, if a bank fails, deposits, viewed as unsecured loans, can be used to offset a banks debt. In return, the depositor could receive stock of that bank that is likely bankrupt. Also, do not count on the FDIC that has $25 billion in assets, to cover trillions in dollars in losses.

Derivatives are Bets!

Derivatives are bets and this is not a metaphor, analogy, or generalization. On top of that, derivatives can have other names; such as, swaps, options, or futures. Between Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citigroup and JP Morgan, they have nearly $235 trillion in exposure to derivatives. The world GDP is only a mere $77.3 trillion. Anyway, it is very easy to see how the $8.1 trillion, that makes up the total U.S. savings deposits will be MF Globaled.

Market Manipulation

The Libor Scandal was the canary in the mine that many of the markets are rigged. Gold and silver price rigging is an open secret; in that, many know about the price suppression of the physical commodities; so that, people do not flee intrinsically worthless currencies for real money. Another way to deceive the masses is threw the use of gold and silver derivatives in the form of ETF’s like SLV and GLD. In short, get physical.

Habits of Hard Work

About 95 million people are not in the labor force. If we’re going to dig our way of what lies ahead, we need people who are going to want to work. People who tended to work the hardest growing up that strived to do something with their lives have a tendency to not sit around for handouts. Entrepreneurship is not for slackers or those who give up as soon as the going gets difficult. One must have good work habits to persevere and keep learning from others and from one’s own mistakes. In short, on the road to success, there are no short cuts.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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