150127 – Right-Wing Conspiracy Again

Today’s Items:

China’s Steel Workers

China warns of social instability as result of 400,000 steel workers that are about to lose their jobs as China’s economy continues into a tailspin. In 2009, Chinese steel workers beat a boss to death because 25,000 job cuts. Needless to say, the fraud of the China economic facade is coming down.

Norway’s Largest Bank

The spread of the War on Cash continues as the biggest bank in Norway is calling for the complete elimination of cash. Already, this is the case in China and India. Just imagine a world where you could not buy, sell, get a job or open a bank account without participating in “the system”.

Coming Revaluation of Gold

The current melt-down of the world’s debt bubble is likely to continue in the course of the next few months. As the present crisis deepens, the growing fear in the world’s markets will most likely rediscover the importance of gold. Given the truly astronomic amounts of debt in existence, a very high price for gold will be necessary to stabilize the markets and it won’t be paper gold folks.

Passing the Buck

There are a handful of themes out there on recent market action that are either totally wrong or otherwise highly misleading. For one thing, it is ridiculous for the Fed to blame oil for the falling markets when the falling oil is the very thing that needs to be explained, but, history is shown we will not get a truthful answer from these clowns.

Detroit Collapsing

Because of improper treatment, citizens in Flint, Michigan were lead-poisoned from their tap water and, as of now, city or state officials have not been held accountable. Not only are the residents of Detroit on the brink of facing the same disastrous water situation, but it seems that most of them can’t afford running water to begin with.

The Source

Because emails on Hillary’s unsecured private email system were identified as “Special Access Programs,” FBI investigators are meeting with the agencies and individuals to determine the classification level in the emails. Most likely, because they know they will get nothing but lies and obfuscation from Hillary. Could this be labeled as one Hillary’s accomplishments?

Old Cliché

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews must have a thrill going up is leg since he came to the defense of Hillary Clinton arguing that the attacks on Hillary were part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” The last time that phrase was used, Billy Clinton had to fess up about Monica.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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