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Articles for Wednesday 21 December 2016

Have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

  • Suspect in Berlin Christmas Market Attack Faced Prior Probe
    • The suspect was the subject of a terrorism probe in Germany earlier this year and was not deported even though his asylum bid was rejected. The suspect — who went by numerous aliases but was identified by German authorities as Anis Amri. The news for Merkel just gets worse.
  • Italy Nationalizes Failed Monte Paschi Bank
    • The Italian government is set to take a stake between 50 and 70% in Monte dei Paschi as a part of the governments THIRD bailout.
  • NY Times Fakes Electoral College History
    • The New York Times actually had the nerve to put forth the idea that the Electoral College was created to protect slavery.
  • Obama Imposes Ban on Offshore Drilling
    • Obama will use his executive authority to impose new permanent bans on offshore drilling… Or until Trump comes into office.
  • CA Gun Sales Surge Ahead of ‘Assault Rifle’ Ban
    • Californians are rushing to purchase the evil AR15 semi-automatic “assault” rifle before a new ban goes into effect on January 1, 2017. Gangs are complying in numbers no doubt.   Today is the last day of a 10 day waiting period before the first.
  • Media’s 10 Most Mortifying Moments of 2016
    • This is more reasons why the  ‘Mainstream’ News has gone to ‘Fakenews’ News and it is going to get worse as they go down the sewer for the last time.
  • California Secession Organizers Opened an Embassy in Moscow
    • It is amazing the those who supported Clinton, who now support California secession from Trump, now have an embassy in Russia when all of the ‘snowflakes’, liars, and ‘fakestream’ are saying that the Russians hacked the election.
  • Three States Confirm Unauthorized DHS Hack
    • In the past week, the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office has confirmed 10 separate cyberattacks on its network over the past 10 months that were traced back to DHS addresses. Now, two states reporting the suspected cyberattacks to the same DHS IP address were West Virginia and Kentucky.
  • Food Poisoning at Department of Health Luncheon?
    • 70 of the 200 members, who attended the annual holiday luncheon, have experienced gastrointestinal issues; however, investigators cannot identify the cause. Your tax dollars at work.
  • Texas Kicks Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid
    • Outrageous….that Christian taxpayers in Texashave been subsidizing the murder of babies with $3.4 million. That was certainly a well-kept secret and totally against the will of the majority of Texans, who resoundingly defeated Davis, the pro-abortion Democrat, running for Texas governor in 2014.

140125 – American Anger

Today’s Items:

Europe’s Young Unemployment Idea

Europe’s under 25 population has an unemployment rate of 24.4%.    Greece has proposed a measure to counter this problem.    Allow those unemployed up to 24 years old to work without pay as an incentive to companies to hire young employees?    The measure also suggests exporting young unemployed people as well.    Hmm….    In the old days, this used to be called slavery.    Today it’s called…   Wait…   Justin Beieber was arrested!    Oh, the humanity!

Withdrawal Restrictions

HSBC, and soon other Too-Big-For-Jail banks, now has new rules on limiting withdrawals.      Of course, they did not tell their victims err…  customers; however, these new rules actually went into affect as of last November.    Another reason to get your money out of the banking system yesterday.

Biden Speaks Up

Well, Joe Bidin has allowed everyone to know what an ongoing failure that Obamawreck is.    When asked how many new Medicaid enrollees there are.    Biden stated ‘We don’t have the ability to’ determine new Medicaid enrollees.’

20 Signs of Global Economic Meltdown

Here are a few…
1. The looting, violence and economic chaos in Argentina as its peso collapses.
2. The Ukraine coming apart at the seams.
3. U.S. retailers experiencing the worst holiday season since 2008.

19 Stats On American Anger

Here are a few…
1. 66% are dissatisfied with the size and power of the federal government.
2. 53% believe that Obama’s gang are incompetent while only 8% believe Congress is.
3. 77% essentially believe Obama is full of B.S. in regards to NSA reform.
4. 42% view themselves as independent as main political party affiliation is at an all time low.

Magnetic Wheaties

Wheaties breakfast cereal has been found to contain so many iron filings that the flakes can be attracted by common magnets.     So, are Wheaties safe if you are going to get an MRI on your abdomen soon afterwards?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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