121002 – Big Changes Coming

Today’s Items:

Euro-zone Unemployment Hits Record High

The euro-zone unemployment rate was 11.4% in August, up from 10.2% last year.   18.2 million were out of work over the period.   While Germany, at the moment enjoys a current 5.5% unemployment rate, the overall unemployment rate in Spain and Greece has reached 25.1% and 24.4% respectfully.   Needless to say, a two tiered system in the EU will only make the euro collapse come sooner than later.   Of course, according to the Dallas Federal Reserve President, the U.S. is drowning in unemployment.   Now why would he say that when our unemployment is officially about 8 percent?

JP Morgan Could Be Black Swan Event

The JP Morgan trading blunder could result in a $100 billion loss and even the wipe-out of its entire asset base.    The massive losses that were racked up starting in April and May 2012 are by no means over.    It was originally $2 billion, however, it appears that the losses are still increasing and that JP Morgan is hiding a lot of important information.   The reasons for possible lies by JP Morgan are simple… Putting off international legal actions against the criminal enterprise, known as JP Morgan.    With this in mind, please get out of paper folks.

Geithner Wants Your Money Market Fund

A money market fund is an open-ended mutual fund that invests in short-term debt securities such as US Treasury bills and commercial paper.    Money market funds are widely regarded as being as safe as bank deposits yet providing a higher yield.    By combining proposed floating NAVs, redemption restrictions, and minimum balances at risk, there is an attempt to lock people’s money up as a liquidity buffer to keep the financial ponzi scheme operating when the next crisis hits.    In short, please get your money completely out of money market funds.

Big Changes Are Coming

Robert Fitzwilson believes, like many others, that there will be a massive transfer of wealth from those who own paper assets, to those that own real assets.    Historically, gold and silver are traditional safe havens, while even the cash in your pocket is a form of derivative that will implode in perceived value.    With that in mind, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Singapore and Your Gold

Singapore, home of Jim Rogers, has emerged as one of the world’s hubs for private banking for the wealthy and may be the Fort Knox of Asia.    The Southeast Asian city-state has scrapped a 7% tax on gold and silver in an effort to turn the city into a precious-metals trading hub to rival London and Zurich.    So, when it hits the fan, what stops Singapore from nationalizing all that gold and silver?    Simply put, if you do not have it in your hand, then you do not own it.

Where are the Military Absentee Ballots?

Only 1746 military personal of over 126,000 in Virginia, or about 8 percent, have requested absentee-ballots.    Each Military Base is “required” to have a facility to assist in voting.    So, has the Pentagon conveniently, under Leon Panetta, failed to carry out a federal voting law; and if so, what reason would an unpopular administration to the military want to suppress their vote?      Don’t worry, I am sure the Department of Injustice is on it.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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