140109 – Profit Over Safety

Today’s Items:

Why Obama Won’t Take On Al-Qaeda

With recent advances by Al-Qaeda in Iraq, one may wonder why Obama is not aggressively taking on the terror organization.    Well, since the CIA has been actively supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria, one can pretty much conclude that Obama will not go after his terrorist buddies despite his 2007 pledge when he was an underdog candidate.

Gold War Heats Up

According to Grant Williams, those, who have been paper shorting gold and silver, have gone so far down this path that there is no way of turning back.     The insatiable demand for physical gold and silver, by the East, is what pushes the price straight back into the face of the ‘paper’ bears.     When the prices do start going up, there is very little gold and silver available versus all of the paper claims for physical delivery.

Info-graphic On Silver

Please take a look at this info-graphic on the many different uses of silver.    Keep in mind, if gold were to instantly disappear, there would be financial chaos.   If silver were to instantly disappear, we would instantly be in the dark ages.

12 Signs Of Extreme Social Decay

Here are a few…
1. A 13-year-old boy murdered his cousin because of an XBox.
2. A man charged with fatally stabbing his wife during argument over a cable bill.
3. Surveillance video shows people walking over a dead body into a convenience store.

Natural GMO’s?

Not content with just hiding unlabeled GMOs in the general food supply, goons at the Grocery Manufacturers Association, that represents more than 300 businesses, sent a letter to the FDA asking permission to lie to the American people by allowing GMO’s to be re-classified as a ‘natural’ food.    Remember it’s always profit over safety with these bastards.

Car-makers’ Data

A government report finds that major automakers, using on-board navigation systems, are keeping information on where drivers have been.    In addition, owners cannot demand that this information be destroyed and were not made aware of the risks for identity theft if the automaker’s databases were compromised.    This could lead to major lawsuits against the car-makers.

Edible Micro-chipping

Former DARPA director and now Google executive Regina Dugan is pushing edible microchips and electronic tattoos that can read people’s minds.    She claims that with fancy designs, young people will flock to this evasive device because it will be trendy.    I believe I will pass on this trend.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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