160124 – Bank Meltdown

Today’s Items:

Bank Meltdown

The Italian financial meltdown has arrived as banking stocks are collapsing; thus, nervous Italians are quietly pulling money out of the banks. The truth is that European crisis is just beginning as panic is spreading fast. In China, bad debts in the banking system is four or five times higher than officially admitted and pose a mounting risk to the country’s financial stability as China is trapped as it burns through foreign reserves to defend its currency.

Unlimited War Powers

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is moving to fast track a “war powers” bill to grant Obama unrestricted warfare against the CIA controlled ISIS. In addition, Obama will be given a blank check to deploy the military anywhere, at his discretion, including on U.S. soil.

Health Care Cooperatives

Federal officials still don’t how much they will recoup of the $1.2 billion they spent on loans and startup costs for a dozen health care cooperatives that later failed. That was the whole idea of this Obamawreck scam to start with… To dump lots of money down a black hole. In short… “And it’s gone!”

In an Instant

With reports of winter snow storms, we are hearing how grocery stores are ransacked as the East Coast is on the brink. This is what happens when people do not prepare for disasters and this shows how when things really start to go downhill, it will go downhill very fast. Think about it… If people prepared, there would be no panic buying.

It’s Time to Charge Hillary

According to former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, it’s time for Loretta Lynch and the Department of Injustice to do their jobs and charge Hillary Clinton with mishandling classified information — at the least. When the emails on Hillary’s unauthorized server were so sensitive that investigators initially did not have the clearance to view them that means they were classified! How simple is that?


Seeing the despots that are making up the Democratic ticket for President, Michael Bloomberg has instructed his advisers to draw up plans for an independent campaign for President. Presumably, he will take votes from Democrats.

Wrong Side of History

Please watch this video that pretty much describes when a politician, like Obama, says they are on the wrong side of history that it is nothing more than an intellectual way of saying “shut up.” It is undemocratic and cowardly and that describes Obama perfectly.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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