151125 – Seismic Lies?

Today’s Items:

4 Reasons for Deflation

Here are four reasons without detail, according to Mike Maloney, why there will be real deflation before hyperinflation…
1. The overreaction to the 2008 crisis that caused a credit-debt bubble in which all bubbles pop.
2. Whatever bubbles you are in, the opposite happens of what is of the greatest benefit to the most people.
3. The Baby Boom demographic disaster – who is going to take care of the elderly?
4. The convergence of economic cycles; such as, the wealth distribution cycle.

Tape of Execution

A tape recording shows the CIA funded Free Syrian Army executing Russian pilots as they were parachuting to save their lives when Turkey shot down their planes. Can you say war crimes?

Signs of Decay

Here are four signs of decay within the U.S…
1. There is a House bill that would view corporate crimes, from financial fraud to environmental pollution, as “honest mistakes.”
2. Fortune 500 companies are holding over $2 trillion in profits offshore to avoid taxes.
3. 62% of polled Americans said they couldn’t cover a $500 repair bill.
4. Since 1991, violent crime is dramatically down while the number of prisoners has doubled.

Targeting Trump

Fearing that the voting public will be so repulsed by Trump that all Republican-selected candidates could be crushed in the election, the GOP elite establishment will do anything legal, and likely illegal, to get rid of Trump once for all. In addition, 63% of Republicans believe Trump will be the Republican nominee.

Flu Cure?

Japanese researchers have developed a drug, set to be released in 2018, that can cure people of any flu in just one day. You can expect big Pharm to fight this as they make millions off their questionable flu vaccine with legal immunity.

Pelosi’s Message

An endorsement of knowledge from the bat-face dingbat Pelosi is a kiss of death. So, when she said that Obama knows better than any of us the threat that ISIS poses to the security of the world, we know, without question, that Obama is clueless and will never do anything to safeguard America.


We are being told that, within 24 hours, a two mile stretch of road near Santa Clarita, buckled under a landslide caused by sand. With no debris on the road, this appears to be the effect from subterranean seismic movement than some sand pushing up the road.

Obama’s Thanksgiving Message

Obama’s anti-American White House put forth their Thanksgiving message saying that Americans should talk about gun control this Thanksgiving. Well, with what happened in Paris, with extremely strict weapons laws, the message is loud and clear… No gun control should ever be considered. Enough talk about guns, let’s get to the turkey…

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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March 22, 2011 – 188 Day Earthquake?

News Flash:

It is possible that there may be a major seismic event on the 22nd of March at, or around, 4:58:34 UTC. If you are in North America, when you wake up on the 22nd, the event should have already happened.

More at http://www.youtube.com

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