150927 – Obama’s Climate Crusade

Today’s Items:

Top Ten Economies Are Crashing

Here are a few of instances where the top ten economies that are crashing…
1. Stocks in India have now dropped close to 4000 points.
2. Italian stocks are already down 15%.
3. British stocks are down about 16% from the peak of the market.
4. Brazil is the epicenter of the South American financial crisis of 2015.
5. Russian stocks have fallen about 10%.

Economic Collapse Near

Dates are impossible to predict for the economic collapse and anyone who does that is on a fool’s errand. With that in mind, here are four things that tell us that it is near…
1. Homes being stolen through the MERS mortgage fraud with impunity.
2. Taxes being used for bail-outs.
3. The Fed debasing the currency.
4. The government positioning itself to seize all retirement accounts.

Praise for Boehner

Obama called outgoing John Boehner a patriot. I wonder if Obama’s lips were burning when he said the word Patriot. Anyway, when Obama praises anyone, it is a sure sign that person is messed up. In short John… Hit the Road and take your deflated balls with you!

Government Shutdown

With Boehner’s departure, it is more likely that there will be a government shutdown. Boehner allowed the national debt to go up $4 trillion since he cried his way into the role of Speaker of the House. Anyway, when a shutdown happens, Obama’s likely priority order of shutting down programs will be Food Stamps first; so that, the nation-wide riots will cause the other side to cave on the debt ceiling fight as Obama could declare Martial Law.

Healthcare Premiums

Considering that pretty much every single thing Obama promised when he was running for President turned out to be an outright lie, we shouldn’t be surprised that he lied about heathcare. He promised that healthcare premiums would fall to $2,500 per family. Well, since 2008, they have climbed nearly $4,900.

Obama’s Climate Crusade

Without any journalism skepticism, Rolling Stone played lap dog when Obama told them that climate change is so terrible that he dare not tell them the truth. Truth? Obama tell the truth? That would be first. Anyway, Obama, you should tell the truth on this $4 billion a day hoax.

More Emails

The Obama administration previously claimed that it had turned over all the email directly related Benghazi by Hillary Clinton. Now, there are 925 new emails. The truth is slowly coming out about Hillary.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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