140113 – Ugly Job Report

Today’s Items:

China Trade

China has claimed that they have “very likely” overtaken the U.S., which had 3.5 trillion dollars in trade in the first 11 months of 2013, as the world’s top trading nation, a title the U.S. has held for decades.    Even if this is true, with the Baltic Dry Index seeing a collapse in the cost to ship bulk by 35%, or the worst level in 30 years, who may be on top in trade may be irrelevant.

Job Farce

The unemployment dropped to from 7.0 to 6.7% mainly from workers leaving the labor force.     In fact, the ratio of workers leaving the labor force exceeded the 74,000 who got jobs in December by a ratio of 5 to 1.    It is even worse when one considers that over half of the jobs added were temporary seasonal jobs.     With 91.8 million American adults not in the labor force, the participation rate of 62.8% has plunged to 1978 levels.    You just know that this report is bad when the Obama boot-licking MSNBC call the report awful and ugly.

Killer Drones

Last year, the number of innocent people ‘accidentally’ killed by U.S. drones exceeded the number of Americans killed on 9-11.    In fact, the 4700 killed, by drones, greatly exceeds the 2600 killed on 9-11.     Remember, these drones are not autonomous yet; therefore, who exactly are the terrorists again?


The Federal Reserve may have a new reason to turn up those printing presses and further devalue the U.S. Dollar.     The reason is because of Obamawreck and its impact on all areas of the ongoing systemic collapsing American economy.     Hey, at least they won’t claim a polar vortex as a reason…    Yet.

EPA Supersedes Congress

Officials at the EPA unilaterally declared the town of Riverton, Wyoming as part of the Wind River Indian Reservation.     This goes against the 1905 Act by Congress that determines boundaries of Indian Reservations.    Aside from the obvious question of Separation of Powers, just when did the EPA have dominion over Indian Reservation boundaries?

Dragging Their Feet

In a criminal investigation, victims are the first, if possible, to be interviewed.   Well, it has been seven months since the IRS’s targeting of groups opposed to Obama was exposed, and now, the FBI has now finally started contacting these groups.     Don’t worry, you can be assured that the final FBI report, probably already written, will declare little or nothing illegal happened if the report even sees the light of day.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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