130426 – Confiscating Guns?

Today’s Items:

The Fed and Interest Rates

As the dollar loses its role as the currency of international payments, the Fed’s debt monetization will collapse the dollar’s exchange value in currency markets.     In turn, the Fed will lose control over interest rates.    When that happens, the cost of entitlements; such as Social Security, will be dwarfed by interest payments.   Deficits will likely become much larger and hyperinflation will likely take off.


There appears to be bipartisan support for not only the internet tax, that will put another nail in the U.S. economies coffin, but also for a flu tax.     So, folks will have to pay an additional tax if they choose to be poisoned err… immunized.

Reid Bill

Scumbag Senator Harry Reid introduced a bill that would require background checks to be run on anyone buying explosive powder.    So, to celebrate Independence Day, one needs a background check to buy Roman candles and firecrackers?    Of course, one could just simply produce their own gunpowder using salt, sugar, and an instant cold pack and avoid those background checks.

Texas University Fund Sold The Gold Bars

Something must have happened when officials at the Texas University Fund said they wanted delivery of physical gold because, all of a sudden, these same people have sold 375 million dollars in physical gold for gold futures and equities.    Was it fear from the manipulated price take down, or something else?    Still, Texas lawmakers are considering a bill to start a state-supported depository for gold bars; however, where will this gold come from?

Former CME CEO Refused Delivery

Former CME CEO Leo Mahlamed, was refused delivery of 2 gold contracts.    Of course, this may be a B.S. publicity stunt to show how these criminals feel your pain.

They Were Confiscating Guns?

First Katrina, now it turns out that the para-military police, who conducted door-to-door searches without specific probable cause, may have confiscated firearms from innocent citizens in Watertown.    This is exactly why the 2nd amendment was written…   Not for hunting…    Not for sport…   Not against terrorist suspects…    But to protect one’s self from a tyrannical government.    In some good news, because of the sequester, the DHS will only be able to buy 260 million rounds of ammo.     Of course, we are not told how many rounds the Social Security Administration and other agencies are buying.

Make Yourself Worth Saving

When it hits the fan, your basic skill-sets and a positive mindset will be key.   A survival-minded group is not going to accept everyone who stumbles into it; therefore, make sure you have something positive to contribute to the whole group because it may determine your survival.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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