150730 – Crime Pays for College

Today’s Items:

Global Ponzi Scheme Unraveling

Robert Arnott, who oversees $175 billion, issued a warning that pretty much everything outside of mainstream stocks is flat to down over the last 30 months. The more extend and pretend policies; such as, what is being done in Greece, that are put into place by central banks, the harder the fall will be.

Turkey for ISIS

When ISIS leader Abu Sayyaf was killed, documents at his compound showed undeniable deals between Turkish officials and ISIS leaders to kill Christians. Of course, there are those high in the U.S. government that did not want this to be exposed this at this time because Turkey is a NATO partner.

Eleven Signs of the Times

Here are a few…
1. Body parts of aborted babies are being illegally bought and sold with the full support of Obama.
2. In 2015, rates of violent crime are increasing by double digit percentages in many major U.S. cities.
3. The IRS hung up on 8.8 million taxpayers that called in looking for help during the recent tax season.

Social Security Fix

Social Security disability is expected to be depleted in the fourth quarter of 2016 and the general fund will be become depleted by 2034, meaning if you are 47 years or younger, you can kiss Social Security goodbye. So, with that in mind, several dozen members of Congress introduced the “One Social Security Act” that will combine the two funds and hide the insolvency of one by fraud.

Rental Crunch

Here are a few of the thirteen cities that are experiencing at least a 10% increase in rent in a year ending in June. They are Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Seattle, and Portland.

Crime Pays for College

Even though Congress banned student aid to prisoners in federal and state prisons, Obama’s Department of Edumacation has confirmed that they will begin rewarding prisoners with Pell grants to attend college. So, it appears crime does pay as soon-to-be felons will be getting their free lunch and college degrees without those pesky student loans.


In another example of how well the economy is doing, 21.3% or 52.2 million, or one in five Americans need government assistance to survive. This is the highest number, proportionately, since the Great Depression.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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