130917 – Sincere Ignorance

Today’s Items:

Germany Clears Assad In Sarin Attack

According to Gerhald Schindler, head of the German Foreign Intelligence agency, intelligence intercepts show that Assad did not order, nor did he approve of using sarin gas.    It will look really bad for the Obama war-mongers if the information was actually intercepted by the NSA.   Whom do we believe?    Herr Schindler or Herr Obama?

Listen to the Authorities?

Yesterday’s diversion in a gun free zone from the truth about the 10 tons of possible U.S. supplied, via Turkey, sarin gas to Al Qaeda rebels in Syria may have come from the White House.   Yes, they want you to listen to authorities and cower err…   shelter in place as Washington D.C. is turned into another Boston lock-down police state.

Poll on Obamacare

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll reveals 12% believe the law will have a positive effect on their family.    Even the uninsured are skeptical Obamacare will do them any good.    Only 23% of all respondents say the law will benefit the healthcare system.    Of course, that number may go further down once they have their first doctor’s office visit under Obamacare.   You know, take a number and you might see a doctor within then next 12 hours in the emergency room!

Inflation Projections

People are not believing the non-nonsensical Fed projections of inflation at 2%.    They do not believe that the inflation has only risen 1.5%, on average, for the past five years – as noted by the bogus CPI numbers.    In short, who are you going to believe, the Fed or that lying cash register, or perhaps, that shrinking product?     The FED, and other propagators of the fantasy economy, can only fend off inflation and the truth for only so long.

NSA Monitors Credit Card Swipes

The NSA isn’t just snooping into phone and online communications.    They are also monitoring credit card swipes as well by purchasing information from credit card companies like Bank of America and Chase.    In fact, they are logging the point of sale; such that, it is another method to track people.  This is yet, another, reason to use cash.

Al Qaeda Care Packages

This video clearly shows how idiocy on college campuses is getting worse.    The actress has college students sign a paper to send care packages to the Al Qaeda Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.    When she is done, perhaps she could get John Frankenstein Kerry to deliver these care packages personally.   Who knows, Al Qaeda may give him a medal to replace the one he threw away.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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