130622 – Pelosi the Amateur

Today’s Items:

NSA Secret Spying Rules

The UK Guardian has made a mockery of the U.S. media once again.    They have found out what rules the NSA uses to spy on innocent people without a warrant.    Among them are the fact that they can keep data on any person for up to five years.

The NSA Pandoria’s Box

The Pandora’s box has been opened…    Lawyers are now demanding access to the NSA database information to assist their clients in legal cases from murder to divorce.    Although the government has filed a motion to refuse, citing national security, it will not hold up simply because the laws of evidence require that prosecutors must turn over to the defense any records they have that might help prove a suspect’s innocence.  Let’s see how the NSA likes being on the other side.

Assets That Are Doomed

Here are two examples why every asset that depends upon cheap and abundant credit; such as, housing, bonds, and stocks is doomed.
1. When interest rates rise, all the existing bonds paying next to nothing plummet in market value
2. When mortgage rates rise, home prices fall off a cliff because nobody will be left to afford housing.

U.S. Treasury Bond Market

When Bernanke hinted at tapering QE later this year or in mid-2014, the U.S. Treasury Bond Market implosion officially began.    By calling for the end to QE3 and QE4, the Fed has begun to remove these market props.     Which means that the markets are now going to start adjusting to where assets prices really should be.

Dumping Health Insurance

In some places across the US, high-cost health insurance coverage is being discarded altogether. Obamacare seems to be inspiring constructive disobedience.     Yes, doctors are now “outsmarting” this government mandated health care system and moving towards a cash only system.    Because of no expensive red tape, the U.S. may move back toward a much simpler, less expensive form of healthcare.


Nancy Pelosi said the definition of an “amateur” is to “cast blame on everyone else” and “to not take responsibility for what you are responsible for.”     Although the context was the student loan program, just how many times have we heard from Pelosi, Obama and others how it was Bush’s fault?    In fact, we even have Obama blaming ATM’s for  high unemployment.     No amateurs here!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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