121008 – Labor Department Jumping the Shark?

Today’s Items:

Phony Government Release Used To Attack Gold Market

Michael Pento believes that the true employment situation, not just in the US, but around the world, will force investors around the world into buying precious metals.    With only 114,000 jobs created in September, that is far below the FED’s public statement that additional 250,000 jobs are needed each month before the FED would change its monetary policy stance.    Michael Pento goes on to say that bonds will be a loser and that hard assets have a long history keeping pace with inflation.

Labor Department Jumping the Shark?

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, following in the foot steps of Holder, has made some interesting claims that were not true.    1. She claimed that the 86,000 upward revision in jobs was from the private sector, when, in fact, they were government jobs.   2. The 0.3 percentage drop from 8.1 to 7.8 percent even have the mainstream media questioning the number.   When she was questioned about it by the press, Hilda stated she was insulted.   Well, Hilda, we are insulted by this in-your-face manipulation that people on both sides of the isle are questioning.    Of course, Hilda stated that “We are all Americans, whether you are legalized or not.

Housing: Plenty Of Reasons To Be Pessimistic

Here are a few reasons…
1. Shadow inventory is far greater than it was during the go-go years,
2. Demographic factors; in that, the older population are going for scaled down houses.
3. Policy-making in Washington and by the Federal Reserve

Critical Economic Issues Obama and Romney Avoided in the Debate

Here are a few items that were not mentioned a single time during the debate…
1. Ben Bernanke
2. The Federal Reserve
3. Quantitative Easing
4. Derivatives
5. The millions of jobs shipped overseas
6. The dollar being rejected as the World reserve currency by other nations.

Mayor Proposes Shutting Down Soup Kitchens TO Deal With Homeless Problem

Eric Bever, Mayor of Costa Mesa, California, proposed the idea of shutting down soup kitchens; so that, his city will not look attractive to homeless people.     Needless to say, clients and people at the soup kitchen were stunned at the lack of humanity that this bastard has shown.    Nearly half of those at the soup kitchens are low income seniors; thus, it appears this compassionate mayor wants seniors dead.     So, the question is, how many other California mayors are thinking the same thing?

How to Bounce Back Better

Some people can bounce back from a tough event, while others never quite seem to get their mojo back.    Here are five things you can do to be more resilient:
1. Choose to be a survivor.
2. View setbacks as temporary.
3. Think out of the oh-no box.
4. Have healthy habits to begin with.
5. Don’t go it alone.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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