150215 – Obama’s Kill Switch

Today’s Items:

Fake Photos for War

You just can’t make this stuff up folks! In his best attempt to impersonate war crazed Senator John Insane McCain, Republican Senator Jim Inhofe released photos showing Russians in Ukraine. Only problem is that the photos were taken in 2008 during Russia’s conflict with Georgia. Hey Jim, do the world a favor and resign!

Tight Gold and Silver Market

According to Andrew Maguire, both the silver and gold markets are tight and are trading on margin. For silver, if there were a significant delay in delivery to an industrial user, there would be a run on silver in order to stockpile physical silver. For gold, despite the propaganda, there has been an incredibly heavy accumulation by the sovereign buyers… You know… Central banks. He goes on to say that the shorts are feeling the pain, especially in the silver market.

Train Crash

Only 70 passengers in the fiery New York train crash, out of an estimated 400-700 passengers, were injured. Only six passengers died and 3 were top investment bankers. At this point, are these bankers really dying, or simply disappearing to get out before the system collapses?

Kill Switch

While Obama is moving to enact CISPA, which was rejected twice in legislation, by Executive Order, Homeland Security has been lying to a court as part of a lawsuit concerning its demonstrated ability to shut down all communications. Now, why would Obama want to shut down the public’s ability to communicate with each other by phone and by internet?

Smart Meter Conspiracy

There has been a lot of rumors about smart meters going around; however, 65,000 emails, publicly released, reveal collusion and conspiracy between California government officials and an electric power utility. The evidence shows that the smart meters have been designed to report more than double the power usage; thus, stealing money from customers for years. What is the likelihood that this has been going in other states as well?

McMercury Nuggets

If you live in San Antonio, Texas, McDonald’s is launching a ‘free mercury err… vaccination’ program alongside their frankenfood err… fast food marketing campaign. Yes, kids can chew down on their horrifying err… ‘Happy Meal’ as they get injected with aluminum. One thing is for sure… Those kids won’t be ‘Lovin it!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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