130703 – Inflation Desperation

Today’s Items:

Kerry Defends Spying on EU Allies

With France and Germany outraged to find that the U.S. has apparently bugged 38 foreign embassies to snoop on our allies, John F’ing Kerry claimed there is nothing unusual about spying on allies in that fashion.     Yeah Kerry, you just keep flapping that jaw of yours because you are making things worse for your boss.    You know it bad, when the NSA already knows that Prince William and Catherine’s first child will likely be named Pimrose, or Madonna, if it a boy and Fernando, or Butch, if it is a girl.

U.S. Supports What?

Is the U.S. arming rebels that eat human hearts and massacre entire Christian villages?    Is Obama helping AL-Qaeda take over Syria?    Does Obama actually approve of Syrian rebels dragging kids off the street and executing them?    The answer to all three questions is apparently “Hell Ya!”

Wealth Destruction & Volatility Has Now Begun

Michael Pento warned that the Fed’s rapid expansion of credit would cause the U.S. economy to enter a period of unprecedented volatility between inflation and deflation and that time appears to have arrived.    From China, Japan, the EU and to the U.S., the chaos in the markets are increasing dramatically.    In the end, after many head spinning gyrations within the global financial system, physical assets will come out on top.

Payroll Debit Cards

Too-Big-For-Jail banks, to make a big profit with minimal regulations, are trying to persuade employers to pay their low income workers via “prepaid payroll cards.”     Yes, these bank socialpaths will rake in the profits through the unregulated high fees at the expense of the poor.

Pro and Anti Constitution States

A poll introduced a few months ago which asked people to rank pro and anti Constitutional states concluded,    To many, there were no surprises…    The top 5 pro-Constitution states are Texas, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.      The top 5 anti-Constitution states are California, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.    What is interesting is that 7 out of the original 13 Colonies are in the top 13 anti-constitution states.

Inflation Desperation

Desperation leads to even more desperation. Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez, to combat inflation, has directed the government owned clothing manufacturer to sell cheap government branded clothing to the slaves err… citizens.     Argentina is really a perfect case study in things to come to the U.S. and to the world.    Just imagine being all gussied up your own Obama clothing made from recycled toilet paper.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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