140818 – Keynesian Disease

Today’s Items:

Japan’s Keynesian Demise

Japan succumbed to the Keynesian stimulus disease as their economy shrank at an alarming 6.8% annualized rate in the three months through June, its biggest quarterly contraction since the 2011 earth quake and tsunami.    After their financial meltdown in the early 1990’s, they believed they could borrow and print back to prosperity.    Now, with QE and Ebenomics, Japan only has a shrinking tax base and a rising tax burden to look forward to now.    And this basket-case holds 1.2 trillion dollars in U.S. debt?

New Silver Fix is a Joke

The “new” Silver Fix is nothing more than a Banksters bidding game in a non-physical phantom electronic market.     How can anyone seriously believe that the price of silver could be set with 0.08% of LBMA transfers?     How can the price of silver be determined by the three banks of HSBC – the bank connected to drug-dealing and terrorism, ScotiaMocatta, and Mitsui?     More and more people are waking up this criminal enterprise.     To that end, after preparing, keep stacking physical because this phantom electronic market is going to disappear.

Underestimated Ebola Crisis

The goons at the World Health Organization, after probably sitting on the information in secret, apparently had no choice but to come clean and admit they have underestimated the Ebola crisis in West Africa that is killed over a thousand people so far.

Treasury Bonds Pricing

Despite the phony Government CPI, people know that real inflation is running a lot higher this year.     With retail sales, auto sales, and home sales all collapsing, the only explanation for lower long bond yields since January 1st is the Treasury bond market is pricing in a severe economic downturn.     Look for asset prices, such as stocks, homes, and crappy Wall Street concoctions to deflate.

What the IRS Needs To Know

Please take a look at this infographic about the IRS, gold, and silver.    It gives scenarios for when reporting gold and silver sales to the IRS is required and when it is not.

10 Scientifically-Proven Ways To Relax

Here are a few…
1. Watch a funny movie.
2. Eat chocolate.
3. Chew gum.
4. Ignore your phone.

Lottery for Voting?

Federal law prohibits people from accepting payment in exchange for voting.      With that said, the Los Angeles Ethics Commission voted, after 23% of voters showed up for municipal elections, to look at using a lottery to lure people, who do not know or understand the issues, to vote.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.      Good Day!

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