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Today’s Items:

Rebels In Syria

The good news is that the American backed Al Qaeda led rebels are losing in Syria.    The bad news is that new recruits into the rebel army are made up of those who are under the age of 18.   In short, Obama and company are waging a proxy war with Syria using children as fodder.    In fact, Senator McCain cares so much about children dying that he decided to play poker on his iphone during the Syria hearing.


Switzerland has kept its title as the world’s most competitive economy for the fifth year running.    Singapore and Finland remained in second and third place respectively.    At 117, the U.S. many not be not dead last at 148; however, with the criminal bankers and scum in Washington, we are getting there.

Discretionary Spending

Approximately three-quarters of the U.S. economy is based on consumer spending; therefore, it is a very good indicator to the health of the economy.    Consumer spending at casual dining restaurants fell by 2% in June and 3.5% in July.    Areas where consumer spending is increasing are on items that require borrowing and increasing personal debt like cars.    The reduction in real discretionary spending, in conjunction with incomes not growing, shows the economy is is not getting better.


The DHS plans to monitor, in real time, disease outbreaks worldwide on a 24/7 basis.     Get ready for Obama Alerts on your smartphone to possibly have updates on local disease cases.    Perhaps, the next time you sneeze, while you are sleeping, a DHS Hazmat team may be handing you the tissue.

The Break Up

For years, Matt Drudge had been carrying the water for the Republicans in a liberal press environment.   Today, he finally sees that the Republican versus Democrat paradigm is a lie; in that, he now recognizes that it is a fight between Authoritarians, made up of the two major parties, and Libertarians.    Welcome to the club Matt as we see the right and the left boot of tyranny and lies.

Obama’s Presidential Library

Most Presidential libraries are constructed after the President completes their term; however, considering that Obama was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize with less than two months in office, one New Mexico resident has refitted an Outhouse as the library.    Unreliable sources claim Michelle screamed with joy when she heard the good news!     So, is the U.S. Constitution or federal reserve notes the official toilet paper used there?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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