130430 – Just Laugh At Them!

Today’s Items:

Global Gold and Silver Coin and Bar Shortages

The Just-In-Time delivery system and the 100-to-1 paper-to-physical is having an effect on the availability of gold and silver coins and bars globally.     Premiums for gold and silver bars have jumped higher all over the world.    Shortages are most prevalent in the silver coin and bar market where premiums have surged.

Frightening Plan To Control The Masses

The time to get out of the system is immediately in order not to be destroyed by the ‘Great Equalization’ that is about to take place.    Derivatives will be a primary tool for the destroyers of wealth, and bank deposits all over the West.    According to Jim Sinclair, the price for physical gold is going to significant new highs.


Like Fast and Furious in Mexico, it is turning out that Obama’s thugs were gun running to terrorists, like Al Qaeda, in Libya.     We now know that Obama, Hillary Clinton, and David Petraeus were likely behind the mishandled gun-trafficking program that ended up with Ambassador Stevens, and three others, killed.    Is that enough blood on your hands Obama or do you need to take more vacations?

Americans Fear Government More than Terrorists

According to recent polls, Americans are waking up to the fact that the criminal government, in Washington, is more terrifying than any rogue terrorist, or group.    Unfortunately, this is not a wide political spectrum belief; in that, many Democrats, with their free Obama phones, are more trusting of government than others.    That means that they will be the first ones to go willingly into the concentration err… FEMA camps when called upon.

GMO Multi-Toxin Crops Continue to Backfire

Promises made by the biotechnology industry about the alleged robustness of its GMO crops are proving to be false.    A new study, from the University of Arizona, explains how multi-toxin GM crops are quickly losing their ability to fend off pests, which could lead to a complete GMO failure in the very near future.   No wonder farmers are beginning to avoid GMO crops.

The Greatest Weapon Against Tyranny

The “Achilles heel” of anyone who’s driving aim in life is to control the lives of other people is their aching need to be taken “seriously”.    So, make it a point to publicly laugh at, and ridicule, these people every opportunity you get.    It worked nicely when Chinese children laughed at little lying Timmy Geithner.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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