140219 – No Job Loss?

Today’s Items:

Jumping Bankers

Yet another banker has committed suicide, or is it premature retirement?    This time, a JP Morgan Forex trader, who was in his 30’s, jumped off a 30 story building.    Needless to say, he was likely not jumping for joy.    What a waste….    Would it have hurt to take a lawyer with him?     Anyway, over the past few weeks. at least seven bankers have died under mysterious circumstances.   Of course, when the weather gets warmer, we may hear of bankers being the subject of shark attacks.

Disastrous Direction

According to John Embry, through zero interest rates and program algorithms, a false illusion has been created with the constant interference in all markets primarily by the Fed.     With that said, market forces will prevail over this distorted reality at some point in the not-too-distant future.     He goes on to say that those who are hanging in traditional paper assets are going to take a terrible beating.

Troops Using Food Stamps

The U.S. economy is doing so well that food stamp use at military grocery stores has gone from 31.1 million dollars, in 2008, to 103.6 million dollars in fiscal 2013.     The fact that military personnel are in this position in the first place is a national shame.

Fire Mitch McConnell

In allowing a vote to increase the debt limit, Mitch McConnell said that it is his job to protect the country.     This represents Obama’s opposition in the Senate?    McConnell needs the pink slip!

Executive Overreach Resolution

100 GOP Representatives have filed a resolution to restrict Obama’s executive overreach from Obamawreck to the welfare work requirement.    So, is Obama shaking in his mom jeans?    No, Obama is just hitting a golf ball on billionaire Larry Ellison’s private golf course.

No Job Loss?

Despite the 2 million jobs lost due to Obamawreck, Kathleen Sebelius actually stated that there is ‘absolutely no evidence’ of job losses due to Obamawreck.     Apparently, this brain-dead sea-hag really needs to check herself into a mental hospital.

Cause of Financial Crisis?

Okay, just when you thought you heard it all…    According to Cambridge university neuroscientist and former Wall Street trader John Coates, the weather or bad fiscal policies did not cause the financial crisis.    Nope, it was a stress hormone where traders have a reduced appetite for risk.    Wow!   What medication are these people on?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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