141123 – Cycle Warnings

Today’s Items:


Germany has for years tried to get its 300 tons of gold back from the New York Fed and now the Dutch have leaped ahead and were able to repatriate 122 tons of gold. Turning to the Swiss, they are under a propaganda bombardment campaign, courtesy of the Western banking elites, to vote against a gold referendum on November 30th. If this vote passes, it is unlikely that central bankers could get the 1,500 tons of physical gold required and that request could be the golden straw that breaks the camel’s back.


The commodity based K-wave, fixed investment Juglar cycle, and the inventory Kitchin Cycle are going down and will bottom by 2025. In addition, we are actually at the bottom of the 18 year American income inequality Kuznets swing that will peak in 2027. Along with this, we are in the very beginning stages of the major war cycle that will peak by 2019. These cycles indicate that there will be escalated global and social tensions along with civil and religious wars, as World War III has already started. In short, it is about to get worse as governments do anything, and everything, to survive.

10 Examples of Social Decay

Here are a few…
1. A woman was raped and set on fire in Wichita, Kansas
2. A 350-pound man was arrested after discovering he was sitting on top of five rib eye steaks in the seat of his motorized scooter.
3. A police officer apparently unzipped his pants and exposed himself to young male drivers during traffic stops.

21 Facts of Government Dependence

Here are a few…
1. About 70% of all government spending now goes toward dependence-creating programs.
2. More than 64 million Americans are receiving Social Security benefits.
3. More than 54 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare.
4. More than 70 million Americans are enrolled in Medicaid.

Ground Beef

Ground beef prices set another record high price. A year ago, in October 2013, the average price for a pound of ground beef was about $3.39 per pound. Since then, it has climbed 76.5 cents, or about 22.6% in one year. Yet, we are to told that inflation is below 2% for the past year.


In a bipartisan vote of 35 to 10, the North Dakota state Senate has voted to name a 650 acre toxic waste dump after Barack Obama. This memorial dump will be especially rich in toxic waste from the local petroleum and medical industries.

Signs of a Crazy Prepper

Here are a few signs….
1. Your 7 year old knows Morse Code.
2. You rotate both your food and your ammo.
3. Your winter coat fits over your body armor.
4. You have enough salt to create another Dead Sea.
5. Your dog even has a bug out bag.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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