150820 – Five Horrifying Revelations

Today’s Items:

QE Mistake

After 6 Years of QE, and a $4.5 trillion balance sheet, a St. Louis Fed study finally admits that QE was a mistake. Well, it may have been a mistake for the 99% of the population, but for the super wealthy, it was a great way to steal other people’s wealth.

Gold to Go Up?

According to HSBC, the forth largest bank in the world, gold will be up 10% by the end of this year. This is because the Fed is expected to raise rates later this year. Really? With this economy? The only way the Fed is going to raise rates is if foreign investors, like China, start dumping U.S. Treasuries.

Decaying Market

Analysts are praying that big stocks saves the day as the Nasdaq is a “dead man walking,” small-caps are weak, and more stocks are falling than rising in the S&P 500. In fact, a limited number of big stocks, have been hiding the fact that market has been falling since April.

Even Teachers Hate It

In 2013, 76% of teachers supported Common Core standards, today it is 40%. In addition, public support has dropped 16% since 2013, when 65% of Americans were in favor of the Common Core standards

Scrubbed Clean

The FBI, undeterred by the fact that Hillary’s lawyer stated that the server was scrubbed clean prior to being turned over, have discovered over 300 documents that may have classified information on them. Of course, Hillary, with everything that has come out so far about the emails, honestly believes the American people are that stupid to believe she did nothing wrong. This is a time to start really campaigning for Hillary for the Big House!

Chased Off

In some good news, insane John McCain was chased off the Navajo reservation after he sold them out with his support of the National Defense Authorization Act and tribal water rights legislation. Unfortunately, he got away.

Five Horrifying Revelations

Here are a few of the 5 horrifying realities that have come out about Planned Parenthood…
1. Planned Parenthood harvested brains of a baby while the heart was still beating.
2. Aborted babies are born with beating hearts as they are dissected.
3. Planned Parenthood illegally changes the abortion procedure to obtain “fully intact” aborted babies.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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