140410 – Vaccines Spread Disease

Today’s Items:

Next Reserve Currency

While the U.S. dollar makes up 33% of global foreign exchange holdings, 40 central banks are now investing in the yuan and several others are preparing to do so.    The Yuan is on the path to reserve status even before full convertibility.

New Economic Order

The U.S. has intervened militarily when the supremacy of the U.S. Dollar has been threatened.    One of the things that’s starting to dawn on Saudi Arabia as they look and see the bodies strewn around Libya and Iraq, is that the petro-dollar is not a recipe for longevity.    Especially, when Russia and China, militarily armed, are attacking the dollar.    Saudi Arabia may be planning a transition away from the U.S. dollar for their oil and use other currencies and gold for oil sales.

Not Feeling The Love

Jeb Bush thinks it’s an “act of love” for illegal aliens to sneak into the country.    By extension, would he also believe that it is an “act of love” for someone to break into a house?    Does he also get warm fuzzes thinking about the terrorists coming into this country illegally as well?   Inquiring minds want to know.

16 Signs Americans Not Ready

Here are a few of the signs that Americans are not ready for an economic collapse…
1. 40% of Americans could not come up with 2000 dollars quickly if they needed it.
2. Only 25% of Americans have six months worth of savings.
3. Americans now spend more on taxes than they spend on food, clothing and housing combined.

Why Vaccines Spread Disease

A new report describes how vaccines are destroyers of natural immunity and that infectious disease are being spread, with vaccinated individuals as the primary disease carriers.    For example, more than 75% of the cases of whooping cough in outbreaks in Washington State since 2002 reportedly have been occurring in ‘fully’ vaccinated individuals.

Less Prone to Disease

There was a vaccination study out of New Zealand where 226 children had vaccinations while 269 were vaccine-free.     No cases of epilepsy were observed among unvaccinated children unlike the 4 vaccinated children.    None of the unvaccinated children required tonsillectomies, either, while a shocking 12 of the vaccinated children did.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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