TSA Officer Caught Steeling IPAD

News Flash:

Looks like ABC News’s investigation turned up a thief at the TSA. They planted IPADs, with tracking feature turned on, at security checkpoints at airports.     At the Orlando International Airport, they got a bite.     They were able to track, and confront, the scum at his home.     More and more TSA thieves are being caught.    Perhaps, Janet Incompentano will transfer them to Viper squads to search Americans on highways and at high school proms.

In its statement, officials at the TSA said the agency “holds its employees to the highest ethical standards.”    Yeah Right! (sarc!)

Source: http://abcnews.go.com

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New iPad Overheating

Users of the new iPad have been complaining on internet forums that the tablet gets a lot hotter than the previous version. There are concerns the device could get uncomfortably warm after a consumer watchdog ran tests showing it could reach temperatures of 47C (116F) after 45 minutes of running an intense game.

An Apple spokeswoman said the iPad was “within our thermal specifications”.
Which thermal specifications… Cooking?

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