150903 – Skills for the Unprepared

Today’s Items:

“Something” Just Happened!

According to Jim Sinclair, something happened a few weeks ago. He believes that the U.S. finally defaulted on a physical gold shipment to China and this may really explain what has been going on with China. In addition, he also believes that Saudi Arabia is about to end the Petrodollar deal that has existed since 1973. If this happens, the standard of living in the U.S. will go down into the proverbial toilet.

Financial Repression

After losing in the courts on a scheme to nationalize $10 trillion in American IRA’s in 2013, Obama and his socialist friends at the Labor Department, want to go around the courts and drive small-to-mid-size financial service providers out of business by enacting new regulations that will be unaffordable like Obamawreck did to healthcare. This act of “financial repression” is the hallmark of a government on its way to bankruptcy.

Illegal… Either Way

Of the 7,000 emails released by the State Department, from Hillary’s private email server, several were emails that should have been released as part of a 2012 Freedom of Information request. If those emails were classified, she is likely guilty of violating the Espionage Act. If they were not, she is likely guilty of violating the Freedom of Information Act.


Like Ron Paul in 2012, the RNC leadership will do everything, including election fraud, to prevent Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination for President. In addition, they want all Repuclican candidates to sign on to their rigged game by signing a pledge to support their ‘selected’ nominee.

Lottery for IOU’s?

You know things are bad when the state of Illinois starts paying lottery winners in IOU’s and not cash. This is because Illinois lawmakers have not passed a budget; however, winnings of $600, or less, will still be paid out… For now.

Skills for the Unprepared

Here are a few anti-prepping skills that the unprepared will need for the coming collapse…
1. Begging the government to save them.
2. Dodging bullets from armed gang bangers.
3. Selling their body for food.
4. Involuntary fasting… Also known as starvation.
5. Waiting in lines with no hope.
In short, prepping skills are more rewarding than anti-prepping skills.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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