160619 – Israel and Russia

Today’s Items:

Israel and Russia

While everyone was preoccupied with the Islamic Terror in Florida, a recent meeting between the leaders of Israel and Russia marked a milestone between the two countries. In short, Obama’s open disdain for Israel has driven that country to Russia as Putin is running the show in Syria

China Dumping Treasuries

Since 2014, the People’s Bank of China has dumped about $250 billion of U.S. government debt and is using the funds to support the yuan and stem capital outflows. In addition, China is dumping U.S. equities as well to support the Yuan.

China Hoarding

China is not only hoarding thousands of tons of gold, China is also now stockpiling massive amounts of silver. Between August 2015 and April of this year, silver inventories for their solar program have gone from 233 to 1700 metric tons. China’s end game is to secure enough resources to secure a decent lifestyle for its nearly 1.5 billion citizens and despite calls of a hard landing for their economy, it looks like they are on track.


From China to the U.S., the global markets are finding it more difficult to disguise and excuse away the collapse that is happening all around them as illustrated by the last 12 months where investors have lost trillions of dollars. At the same time, many underlying indicators, like the Baltric Dry Index, continue to deteriorate.

Crocodile Tears

How can the Council on American-Islamic Relation, or CAIR, condemn Islamic terrorism in Orlando yet be a longtime supporter of the Hamas terrorist organization? Simple… The condolences are for show only in the face of the 50 million Muslims that support radical terrorism.

So You Didn’t Get Rich…

Baby boomers were told if they worked hard and saved, they could spend their last quarter of their lives comfortably. Guess, they didn’t read the fine print because those were for ideal circumstances. Lack of wage increases, substandard interest rates on the ever decreasing savings, poor investing, and the debt taken on for school loans or homes have shut down that pipe dream.

Military Leaders

Defense Secretary Ash Carter wants to open the door for more “lateral entry” into the military’s upper ranks, clearing the way for lifelong civilians with vital skills and strong résumés to enter the officer corps. Just imagine, General Mark Zuckerberg or General Larry Page from Google?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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