141019 – Ebola Politics?

Today’s Items:

Stocks Tumble

For the first time since the Bank of Japan started their QE program, their bond-buying operation failed to buy all the bonds they desired.    This resulted in Japanese stocks, led by banks, sliding to five year lows.     Domestically, according to Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends, with stock markets across the world starting to crack, if the Dow Jones goes below 15,000 points, we could be in for a serious crash.     If this happens, perhaps people should put everything they got into canned food and shot guns.    No fear here.

Homebuilder Sentiment

The homebuilder sentiment index showed an 8.5% drop from last month and it was well below the lowest Wall Street estimates.    The foot traffic component of the index plunged from 47 to 41, with anything below 50 measuring a marked pattern of declining foot traffic.    Homebuilder stocks are likely a phenomenal shorting opportunity as at least half of them will be bankrupt due to the debt they have taken on in the past 24 months.

Obama’s Ebola Politics

So, does Obama believe that Ebola is a medical or political crisis?    He is planning to name Ron Klain, a ‘Dick Morris’ like political lawyer with no medical or health care background, as the Ebola czar, as he is continues his apparent demonstration of ‘criminal incompetence’ with the Ebola crisis.     In addition, Obama has decided to activate the U.S. Army’s Individual Ready Reserve to address Ebola to apparently accelerate the destruction of civil rights and usher in domestic martial law.

Trick or Treat

Along side the normal sugar rush with candy handed out on Halloween, officials for the Denver Police Department have created a public service announcement warning parents to be wary of marijuana-infused Halloween candy.


The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Texas can enforce its photo identification law for the November election.     Justice Ruth “I loath the U.S. Constitution” Ginsberg was not happy.   Also, illegal aliens across Texas are upset because they cannot illegally vote multiple times within Texas…    Perhaps they should move to California.

Four Signs You Are Being Controlled

Here they are without any detail…
1. You don’t speak up.
2. You can’t say no.
3. You tell yourself that it doesn’t matter.
4. You make yourself helpless.
If this describes you, you deserve better.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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