151004 – Fed’s Unemployment Excuses

Today’s Items:

Fed’s Unemployment Excuses

To explain why the job participation rate is at a 40 year record low, the Atlanta Fed stated that labor fore participation among prime-age individuals has been driven mostly by the share who say they currently don’t want a job. Here are a few reasons why that is not the whole truth…
1. Major corporations are laying off workers and not hiring.
2. The Millennial generation is encumbered with $1 trillion in debt.
3. The perverted incentive structure of a welfare state that makes it more attractive to stay unemployed.

Inflation in 15 Minutes

According to James Rickards, a central bank’s worst nightmare is when they want inflation and can’t get it. Aside from QE, they have another tool that they used in 1933 to cause inflation in 15 minutes. They could hold an impromptu meeting and then publicly announce gold is now $5,000 an ounce. The result would be $400 a barrel oil and $10 a gallon gas.

Asian Demand will Prevail

Folker Hellmeyer, one of Germany’s most outspoken senior bankers, says that he believes that it’s impossible for the Fed to raise interest rate and central banks have been manipulating the gold market but the physical demand, by the East, will prevail. To that end, keep stacking physical.

India’s Silver Demand

In just the month of August, at 1,400 metric tons, India imported more silver than the total remaining COMEX registered silver inventories which is 1,385 metric tons. If this keeps up, physical demand, by India, will trump the U.S. rigged paper markets as U.S. industries need real silver and not paper as the ongoing silver shortage intensifies as premiums reach record highs.

Disarming Christians

It is being learned that the Oregon shooter was likely a Muslim which basically confirms that the shooting was a Muslim hate crime against Christians. In the expected response, Obama has already shamelessly used this tragedy to try to take away guns from Christians, who make up large percentage of those who have guns, so they would be more vulnerable.


John ‘Frankenstein’ Kerry stated that his memories of Vietnam made him seek an Iran deal. Yes, it was likely those fond memories of treason and betrayal of America from so long ago, that were “seared — SEARED” into him, made him pine for something to remind him of his youth.

Moving Out of State

The Little Spider Creation Company moved from Denver, Colorado to South Carolina because too many employees were not productive or had an ‘it’s good enough” attitude as a result of being high at work on marijuana. The question is… Do these workers know about the move yet?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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