140401 – Rigged Market

Today’s Items:

German Companies

To no one’s surprise, the NSA has been eavesdropping on the communications of private German companies.      Since the NSA has close ties with Apple, Google, Microsoft and other large American companies, is it a stretch to believe that they shared that information with them?

Preparing for War

There is no shortage of hotspots around the world.    What is interesting is that the majority of the potential combatants are economically hamstrung.     With that said, printing presses can always be employed and create more inflation.    Aside from food and other supplies, part of preparation is to continue accumulating physical gold and silver on a regular basis.

Fake Bonds

Officials at the Vatican Bank stopped two con men, one American and one Dutch, who had 3 trillion euros in fake bonds.     They suspected there was something wrong when the grammar of the English used on the certificates was full of mistakes.     Maybe, they may have gotten away with it if the Dutch guy had never allowed the American to make those bonds.

Rigged Market

Michael Lewis has explained how high frequency trades have manipulated the stock market.    Billions have been spent by Wall Street firms and stock exchanges to gain the advantage over anyone else.    Of course, like the CFTC, do not hold your breath on any oversight anytime soon.


More struggling Americans are under shock and awe as grocery prices rose 0.4% in February, and experts expect an increase of as much as 3.5% for all food prices by the end of 2014.    If prices keep going up like this, many Americans may begin to get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder every-time they go grocery shopping.

Self-Defense in Detroit

With crime going threw the roof, Detroit citizens had enough as there were 15 justifiable self-defense homicides in 2013.    So, as “fatal self-defense shootings on the rise in Detroit,” law-abiding citizens know one thing…    Detroit police have their back because they likely know Holder never will.


Since Obama cannot control Russia, Syria, the economy, unemployment, or Obamawreck, his administration has high hopes of regulating cow flatulence as part their climate agenda.      Despite methane emission dropping since 1990, they want to reduce cow flatulence by 20% by 2020.

My Agenda

For the next few days, my agenda will be very full; however, I will try to put out a small report.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.      Good Day!

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