160417 – U.S. is Doomed?

Today’s Items:

Financial Chaos

Because of security concerns, both the president and vice president do not normally have meetings with the chair of the Federal Reserve; however, this along with banker summits, crashing European banks, and the worst bank reports since the Great Recession pretty much paints a picture that something very bad is quickly coming this way.

Admitted Gold Price Manipulation

As part of a settlement in federal court, Deutsche Bank, admitted that they participated in gold and silver price manipulation and will help in identifying other banks that participated in the manipulation. Even with this agreement, the Canadians are now going to take Deutsche Bank to the woodshed as it is going to hit the fan as this international fraud goes mainstream.

$3.4 Trillion Pension Hole

Because pension managers have invested in derivatives, the U.S. public pension system has developed a $3.4 trillion funding hole that will force cities and states to cut spending and/or raise taxes to avoid a Detroit-style bankruptcy. Watch as the usual suspects head for the exits as the U.S. banking system gets nationalized to pay not only pensions but other debts as well.

U.S. is Doomed?

Any country that cannot defend its borders is doomed. Here are a few items that show that the U.S. is doomed…
1. The U.S. Border Patrol has been ordered to release illegal aliens as they enter the country.
2. The Small Business Administration is financially helping illegal aliens start small businesses at taxpayers expense.
3. The IRS is struggling to ensure that illegal aliens are able to illegally use Social Security Numbers.

Classified, but Not Classified?

Obama, when referring to the growing national security scandal dealing with Hillary Clinton’s emails stated that “there’s classified, and then there’s classified.’ Well, Obama, based on that, one should guess that there the law, and then there is the law. He went on to say that evidence, not politics will dictate the outcome of the FBI’s investigation. Right… Don’t hold your breath.

College Tuition

According to a report from the American Action Forum, college tuition has more than doubled in the past 30 years and has outpaced inflation by 2 to 4%. In addition, increased student borrowing through the federal student loan program explains more than 50% of the rise in tuition. With so much student debt and less employment opportunities to pay off that debt, the education bubble will pop.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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