140514 – Climate Economics?

Today’s Items:

EU Banks

A stress test on European banks is not even over and yet these banks are being urged to boost their ability to withstand losses.    The European Central Bank is leading the charge to prove the region’s banks are robust.    So, if these banks are being urged to raise capital, does this mean another bail-in is in the works?

The Writing Is On The Wall

The Shiller price-to-earnings ratio shows that U.S. equity valuations are pushing towards crash-worthy levels.    The higher the ratio, the more likely that future returns will run below historical averages.     Future returns are likely going to be lower.    Competition for investor capital will get even tougher.

Bitcoin For Elections

The Federal Election Commission voted to allow political committees to accept Bitcoin donations and outlined the ways that the virtual currency can be used by federally regulated campaigns.     Bitcoin donations will be capped at a cash equivalent of 100 dollars per person per cycle.

Economic Cycle

Does the economy move in predictable waves, cycles or patterns?     If this is true, then 2015 to 2020 is going to be pure hell for the United States.   The K wave is a 60 year cycle that has nearly a thousand years of supporting evidence and we are heading right into the depression region that will last anywhere between 2017 and 2020.

Climate Economics

As if one had not heard it enough, the worldwide economic woes are being blamed on the weather.    This time, the Bank of Japan plans to blame the cooler-than-normal weather, that triggered El Nino, for the curb in spending in Japan.    Forget Voodoo economics, we have Climate economics!

Silver Preferred

According to the Austrian Mint annual report, the market overwhelmingly chooses to purchase official silver coins over gold.      Silver beat gold sales by a margin of 98.7 to 3.7 million ounces.     With the historically out-of-whack Silver to Gold price ratio, people know a bargain when they see one.

Student Loans

U.S. households are on an epic spending spree funded by, what else, student loans.    Student loans rose 125 billion dollars in the past year and the student loan debt is over 1.11 trillion dollars.     This is a 12% increase from last year.    So, how long will it take for new, and unemployed, graduates to pay this off?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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