140725 – Flags and Fees

Today’s Items:

No Squeeze

Europe’s economy has been in a recession since 2008 and is just now starting to recover.     Europe’s politicians will not jeopardize that recovery, with badly needed Russian oil, and that means they will ultimately not follow Obama down the rabbit hole by enforcing sanctions on Russia.     In fact, with Germany secretly planning on joining the BRICS, the U.S. may be sanctioned.

They’re Waived!

When it comes to Obamawreck, what is good for U.S. States is not good for U.S. territories as Obama thugs have waived the individual mandate in U.S. territories from this travesty.


Here are two things that people may not know about Walmart…
1. Two weeks after questioning the governments rosy job numbers, Walmart CEO Bill Simon, who had the job since 2010, has been replaced.
2. Walmart actively participated in preparing for a major earthquake on the New Madrid fault this summer.

Crash Plan

Just like Lois Learner, if you work for the IRS and are engaged in possible illegal activity – like illegally targeting groups opposed to Obama, you too can benefit from your electronic evidence miraculously being destroyed.     Yes, the number of so-called hard drive crashes has expanded to nearly 20 criminals err…   victims that were some-how associated with Lois Learner.    Maybe these people will receive a special invitation to a midnight seminar at Fort Marcy Park.     But there’s more!    The IRS is actually seeking help in destroying another 3,200 hard drives.

Welfare for Weed

In a precursor to what is coming for the rest of the country, welfare beneficiaries in Colorado are using their welfare cash at marijuana retailers.     Supposedly, state officials are trying to stop this…    Yeah right!      If the sheeple are so doped up to not know what is going on with the country, they may not revolt?

TSA Security Fee

Even after the TSA all but admitted that their actions are nothing more than ‘Security Theater’ by allowing illegal aliens to fly without verifiable ID, Congress has allowed the TSA to raise fees to $5.60 for all flights.    This is yet another example of how Congress will ultimately stand against the people.

White Flag

Despite all of the security, who went atop of the Brooklyn Bridge and replaced the American flags with extremely faded white American flags essentially signalling surrender?      Yet, another transportation security breach.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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