121018 – Economic and Social Decay

Today’s Items:

Special Operations Teams on Standby for Libya Revenge Strike

Officials say the White House has put special operations strike forces on standby and moved drones into place to hunt down those responsible for the death of the U.S. ambassador, and three others, in Libya.    Well, because of the denial of the upgrade in security requests, one only need look at the US State Department.   Either officials at the State Department were incompetent and/or negligent.   After the attack, they tried to cover their back sides with a lie that a You Tube video was responsible.   Simply put, it does not take special forces and drones to find out who is responsible.

Debate Fact Check

Here are some items from the second Presidential Debate…
1. Romney misstated his position on auto bailouts.
2. Romney made misleading statements on job creation.
3. Obama understated tax savings proposed by Romney.
4. Obama lied about the $3,600 in middle-class tax cuts.
Even if voters did hear what they wanted, they now need to find out “Was it accurate?”

U.S. Suffers a Huge Gold Deficit

The U.S. exported a total of 488 metric tonnes of gold for the entire year in 2011.   The U.S. produced 134 metric tonnes of gold in the first half of 2012.    The top 3 destinations for U.S. gold are Switzerland, the UK, and Hong Kong.    What is interesting is that 96% of Mexico’s 4 million ounces in gold reserves are in London and New York.   The Mexican government better do an audit quickly.

Global Food Reserves Have Reached Their Lowest Level In Almost 40 Years.

Because of multiple droughts around the planet, food reserves are the lowest since 1974.    In 1974, the world population was 4.012 billion, today it is over 7.07 billion.   We can expect to see food prices increase between 5 to 20 percent without factoring in inflation in the very near future.   On top of that, with food costs souring, expect more violence around the world and more 911 calls about fast food orders.

Top 10 Stories Under-Reported by the Mainstream Media

Here are a few…
1. FBI agents responsible for terrorist plots.
2. 22,000 American infants are dead because of Fukushima.
3. NATO war crimes in Libya against innocent men, women and children.
4. What the hell is going on Louisiana with sinkholes and explosions?

25 Signs Of Extreme Social Decay

Here are a three…
1. People have come to accept, as normal, security goons being allowed to touch private parts of children in the name of national security.
2. Sex trafficking has become a raging epidemic in America.
3. Racial hatred is rising to distressing new heights in this country.

26 Things to Get Done before the Global Debt Collapse

Here are a few…
1. Get hard-copy books.
2. Bury your gold and silver.
3. Pay off as many assets as soon as you can.
4. Make color copies of all your important documents.
5. Learn and practice basic gardening skills.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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