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Today’s Items:

“It’s Final” U.S. Will Strike Iran, Says Saudi Informant

According to intelligence moles, the triggering event for World War III could come as early as October.  You know, the proverbial October surprise that may keep Obama in Office.  A Saudi prince stated that the U.S., and her fascist allies, have already made the final plans for the invasion.  It appears, they may also be preparing the Black Swan event; so that, the American people will be for the slaughter.

Unemployment in States With Republican Governors

While Washington, with both political parties, has a big government mentality, it is a different story a the state level. Since January 2011, unemployment rate declined faster, by 1.35% as opposed to the 0.9% average, in the 17 states that elected a Republican governor in 2010.  Of course, one must remember, that the official unemployment numbers are doctored.

The Lengthy 10 Month Correction In Gold Is Over

John Hathaway believes we have come to the end of a 10 month correction in gold.   He believes that gold remains under owned and misunderstood notwithstanding a thirteen year bull market; however, that is changing.   Gold, silver, and precious metals mining shares are in strong hands.   When adverse outcomes become obvious, gold and silver, will seem pricey.

Warning Shots will Not be Fired

Remember Kent State?
Well, it looks as if the U.S. Military has drawn up a training manual, as of April 2006, to repeat the measure with pride.  The training manual outlines the how the U.S. Military will be used to confiscate guns, kill rioters and innocent Americans, during declared civil unrest.  You know, perhaps starting July 27th when Obama signs the U.N. Gun Confiscation agreement.

Executive Order

A new presidential order, by Obama, essentially says that during a crisis, that the U.S. government would have control over domestic and international communications.  In short, it says that all your communications now belong to the U.S. Government!   This can be challenged, based on the fact, that only Congress has the Constitutional power to suspend the writ of habeus corpus and make preparations for this and insurrections.

It’s Over for the Banking Cabal

If you want to get an idea how big the LIBOR scandal is, then watch this video.  This scandal makes the MF Global disaster look like taking candy from a baby.

Lobster Cheaper Than Deli Meat

Lobster was once synonymous with living large; however, they do not need corn to thrive and this may be one of the reasons that lobster, at $4 a pound, is cheaper than baloney. So, next time you have a sandwich, you may want lobster instead of a bunch of baloney… Since you get plenty of it from the politicians and the news media.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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Hyper Report recommends the reading of Gregory Mannarino’s The Game is Rigged

Today’s Items:

Greece Exit, Euro-Zone Collapse

Some time ago, I said that the euro was destined to fail because divergent economies using the same currency cannot last. Well, the recently public debate on, not just Greece, but Spain, Portugal, and perhaps, Italy leaving the Euro-zone is starting to gain traction. After all, why the hell would  the economic engine of Germany want to seriously drag these money leaches around? With that said, the promises of fiscal relief are going to drag down  the rest of the Euro-Zone as well. So, Germany will lose even as Merkel has suffered a crushing defeat in Sunday’s elections.

Who Caused JP Morgan’s Big Derivative Bust?

Well folks, it looks like JP Morgan may have lost more than $2 billion dollars. They may have been downgraded by S&P and Fitch. They may be under  investigation. So, who can they blame… In the end, they have to blame Sugar Daddy Benji Bernanke’s policies. Without him, they would not have been forced to go gambling, and lost big, on the euro crisis to meet earning requirements. How big? We will see.

Gold Bugs Will be Vindicated

In recent weeks, gold and silver prices have fallen and they will undoubtedly continue to fall as everyone races to the the false security of the dollar based assets; however, those who are physically stacking, and prepping, will be vindicated when the dollar fails because of the expanding debt obligations. The idea is to not pay attention to how much gold and silver is, in terms of dollars, but how many ounces or pounds you have; therefore, keep stacking.

Americans Stashing Cash at Home as Mistrust of Banks Spreads

After the tsunami hit Japan on March 11th, many private safes, filled with cash and valuables, were washed away. Americans are following the Japaneseby keeping money at home because of the same reasons.
1. Mistrust of banks ethics – especially the MF Global debacle.
2. Outrageous fees with virtually no interest on money in banks
3. The eventual bank holiday
Safe sales have increased 40% from just a few years ago. Perhaps, for the long run, owners may fill those safes with gold and silver.

On May 10th Obama Signed another Executive Order

The latest executive order signed by Obama now permits United Nations rules and regulations to take root in local communities. Obama’s latest escapade shows where his loyalties lay and it is not with the U.S. or the Constitution he swore to protect and defend. This is a sneak attack and it will not  be publicized in the mainstream media.

Government Issues Study of a Study About Studies

This stuff is just too incredible to make up folks… A report from the Government Accountability Office on the Pentagon’s study of it’s study about studies from 2010, concluded that it was a flop. In addition, a Pentagon report concurs with the GAO report on the Pentagon’s study about studies on studies. Now, if that confuses you, consider the amount of tax dollars involved in this. Sounds like another prospect for another study.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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