121001 – October Non-Surprise?

Today’s Items:

Syria Moving It’s Chemical Weapons

Oh no!    Syria is moving its chemical weapons and Leon Panetta is nervous.    He does not know what moves have taken place, but this can only known by a massive invasion using nukes, drones, aircraft, special forces, and, of course, Peewee Herman on his bicycle.   To paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, we can’t expose those chemical weapons until after we invade.

October Non-Surprise?

Edgar Cayce reportedly predicted that an economic crash this October that will begin 10 years of economic chaos and the signs are there.    In fact, many investors are bracing for new economic shock waves with the possibility of a 25% downward correction.    In addition, the Chicago PMI is 49.7, which is the first time it was below 50 since September 2009.    Add to this, the mess in the Euro-zone and China and things are just ripe for a major economic event.

Buying Silver As Fiat Falls

Silver buying is fast becoming a way for regular folks to keep some of their wealth out of harms way.    The situation is getting so ridiculous, that the prime minister of wealthy Qatar, a major investor in US and European assets, is worried about the dollar and the euro.    So, as fiat currencies become worthless; physical silver will always be a precious metal and worth of some value.

Fed Reveals Emergency Borrowing by Banks

The Royal Bank of Canada, UBS, and maybe your local bank all borrowed money from the Fed during the third quarter of 2010.    Average use of primary credit from the discount window, the main form of the emergency loan, was $11m to $36m during the quarter.    Some small community banks, like Gorham Savings Bank in Maine, made more frequent or heavy use of the discount window.     The short of it is, this information is over two years old and there is no telling how damaged even local banks are at this point.

The Brazil and US Switch

Brazil has accounted for more of the world’s real economic growth since Lehman went broke than any other country except China.   35 years ago, Brazil was importing food, today it is a major exporter.    Brazil is also energy independent ant has vast natural resources.   With less debt and real growth, Brazilian households are actually getting richer.    So, if Brazil is the new US then it stand to reason, with everything going on, the US may be the new Brazil.   Olá colegas americanos!

10 Simple Steps Toward Self Sufficiency

Here are a few…
1. Grow a vegetable garden.
2. Build a compost pile…   Unless you live in an apartment.
3. Grow fruit trees.
4. Learn to barter.
5. Be your own handyman and fix-it yourself.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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