130613 – MRE To Defeat

Today’s Items:

World Is Disgusted With U.S. Spying

When the chief technology officer of the CIA says “We fundamentally try to collect everything and hang onto it forever”, things are bad.    So, as the U.S. politicians and media pundits defend this practice, this scandal is causing millions of average people all over the planet to look at the U.S. with disgust and disdain.    In short, the world, as a whole, will distrust the U.S. in any international endeavor.

Venezuela gets a Lifeline from the U.S.

Nicolas Maduro, who took over after Hugo Chavez’s death, is facing a stalling economy, inflation, and spreading shortages.     Everyone seems to be throwing his government under the bus; but, here comes John F’ing Kerry, and the U.S. cabal, to the rescue.     So, what will the price likely be?    Can you say gold?

JP Morgan’s Customer Gold Inventory

In just one night, JP Morgan’s eligible customer gold inventory fell a whopping 6.7 metric tons, or 61%.    So, JP Morgan has only 136,380 ounces of gold left in their Customer inventory.    It will be interesting going forward here to see if JP Morgan will be able to satisfy its withdrawal requests of gold.


While Edward Snowden revealed to the world of the U.S. governments’ intentional violation of the 4th amendment, with their dragnet spy program on everyone and their dog, John Boehner, in joining Obama in calling Snowden a traitor, showing his true character.    If Boehner was supposed to be a leader of the libertarian wing of the U.S. sociopolitical system, that is history.

DNA Checkpoint

In Alabama, armed officers set up five checkpoints, stopping Americans, and asking for DNA samples of saliva and blood.    It was all part of a medical study to study alcohol levels of random drivers.    So, if this is a “medical” study, then why use armed police to help gain volunteers for this experiment?    Oh, never mind.

Meals Ready For Defeat

From aspartame to MSG’s, MRE’s will not make you a happy camper.     Especially, if you have no other alternative but to eat them for weeks on end.     Oh, and those nonflammable meal pouch heaters, if they even work, it may give you asthma-like symptoms if used in a closed space.     In short, MRE’s should be a last resort, perhaps, even below eating insects.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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