131014 – Symbolic Warning?

Today’s Items:

Moscow Exchange

The Moscow Exchange is following Shanghai Gold Exchange in listing precious metals to augment over-the-counter trading of gold and silver in Russian rubles.      This is not only another competitive market in gold and silver, it is not listed in Dollars; thus, another assault on the Dollar.

12 Facts About Obamawreck’s Launch

Here are a few…
1. 90% who have tried to sign up have failed.
2. There is no way to delete an account once you have created one on Healthcare.gov.
3. One expert believes that it could take up to two years before the technical glitches are ironed out.


On December 10th, 2012, the FDIC and the Bank of England effectively made it legal to seize private bank accounts.    In return, the depositor would receive bank stock; however, if the bank fails, because of derivatives, the stock is worthless.    In Cyprus, it was just labeled as a one-time tax where depositors got nothing.    So, what is in your bank account?

FBI Considers This Suspicious

Here are some examples of what makes the FBI suspicious…
1. If you shield your computer screen from view of others.
2. If you use anonymizers, portals, or other means to shield your I.P. address.
3. If you use a residential based internet service provider like AOL or Comcast.

Nuclear Security Breakdown

Apparently, insider information details of a nuclear weapons transfer within the domestic United States without an official directive or a paper trail.   It is curious that, the day after, Lindsey Graham warned of a nuclear bomb being detonated in South Carolina.   Is there a danger of U.S. nuclear weapons being used domestically by rogue elements in the U.S. Government?     The fact that the military graded Air Force missile operations with a “D” should give us pause.  At least there is nothing indicating, during this government shutdown, that something is up.

100 Dollar Bill Decrypted

Like earlier versions of U.S. currency, the new 100 dollar bill, when folded certain ways, is showing different scenes in the same way that the 20 dollar bill showed 9/11.    The new 100 dollar bill shows images of New York City and Hover Dam being destroyed with a nuclear missile.    Is the holographic bell swinging on the blue strip a symbolic warning for whom the bell tolls?   We will see.

Food Stamps Down

On Saturday, a so-called computer glitch brought down the food stamp debit cards in 17 states.   We are told that the glitch had nothing to do with the government shutdown.  This so-called glitch probably reduced cigarette, gambling, and lap-dance revenue.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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